5 Issues We Would Love Nebraska's Bo Pelini to Address at Big Ten Media Days

Erin Sorensen@erinsorensenContributor IJuly 14, 2014

5 Issues We Would Love Nebraska's Bo Pelini to Address at Big Ten Media Days

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    There will be plenty of topics for Bo Pelini to cover at Big Ten media days, which begin on July 28. However, there will be a few topics that fans would really love for the head coach to address.

    After a wild 2013 season both on and off the field, Pelini will have a lot to talk about. He shouldn't shy away from any of it, either.

    For the most part, a majority of fans have moved past the drama that surfaced in 2013. There are still some fans that haven't, though. That's why he shouldn't avoid any topics. As far as fans are concerned, nothing will be off limits when the coach steps up to address the media in Chicago.

    Let's take a look at the five issues we would love Pelini to address at Big Ten media days.


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    Nebraska has a turnover problem. In fact, it's been a problem for six seasons.

    Fans hope that will change in 2014.

    Should Pelini address the issue at Big Ten media days? It wouldn't hurt to say something on the topic.

    Fans know that improvement where turnovers are concerned is really something that needs to be seen to be believed. That shouldn't stop Pelini from touching on the topic while in Chicago. Discussing how he intends to prepare the team to prevent turnovers would be enough.

    Again, however, it can't be ignored.

    As The Gazette noted, "Nebraska has committed 23 more turnovers than its opponents over the last two seasons, the worst among all Big Ten teams." That's definitely not something to brag about.

    So, how will Pelini correct the turnover issue? A small update at Big Ten media days would be enough for now.

The 4-Loss Curse

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    In Pelini's time at the helm of Nebraska football, he has lost four games in each season. Fans are ready to see an end to that.

    Can Pelini break the alleged curse? According to ESPN, it doesn't seem likely. Hail Varsity broke down ESPN Stats & Info's projected record for Nebraska, and it doesn't look like things will change.

    "Nebraska’s projected record? ESPN has the Huskers down for a 7.61-4.53 season and 4.57-3.43 in conference play, or, if you prefer rounding, 8-4 (5-3)," Hail Varsity's Brandon Vogel suggested.

    Pelini likely won't address ESPN's projections directly, but it would be surprising if the topic wasn't brought up. Fans would like to have an honest answer from the coach, too.

    As the Huskers work to get back to the Big Ten Championship Game, breaking the four-loss curse will be crucial. It would be nice for Pelini to talk openly and honestly about it.

What Exactly Happened with Stringfellow?

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    He might not have the exact answers. He may not even want to talk about it. However, fans would love to know a little more from Pelini about why wide receiver Damore'ea Stringfellow opted to transfer to Ole Miss over Nebraska.

    "My visit and just getting to know the coaches and talking to the players about what type of program it was," Stringfellow texted the Omaha World-Herald's Sam McKewon about Ole Miss.

    The visit was enough to convince the wide receiver to make the switch. So, what exactly happened?

    Again, Pelini might not have all of the answers, but he could offer insight. If anything, he could provide a little more information on what Nebraska will do to recruit new wide receivers quickly.

Off-Field Behavior

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    The offseason has definitely had its rocky moments.

    First, KETV.com's Andy Kendeigh reported that sophomore Josh Banderas found himself in legal troubles after stealing several bikes from Nebraska's campus. That was quickly followed up by the Omaha World-Herald's Sam McKewon reporting that redshirt freshman Boaz Jospeh had also been cited for bike theft.

    According to Chris Heady of the Lincoln Journal Star, UNL police's David Dibelka said that incoming freshman Jariah Tolbert was "jailed for obstructing a police officer, and was also cited for having drug paraphernalia and less than an ounce of marijuana."

    Needless to say, the off-field behavior may need a little attention during Big Ten media days.

    Pelini doesn't need to say much. Simply reinforcing that he and his staff are working to ensure these type of issues don't happen again would be just fine.

Bringing Back the Fun

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    Pelini vowed after the UCLA matchup last season to put the fun back in football, but then the now-infamous audio tape was leaked.

    As the Omaha World-Herald's Tom Shatel put it, "it wasn't the type of fun Pelini was looking for."

    With the 2014 season on its way, Pelini will be asked about his sideline behavior. He'll likely still get questions about that audio tape and swinging his hat at a referee during the Iowa game.

    He may even be asked about the post-Iowa game press conference during which he dared athletic director Shawn Eichorst to fire him.

    Instead of dwelling on the past, Pelini needs to talk about the future. Fans want to know how he'll finally bring the fun back to the game. After all, the attitude on the field will affect players, coaches and fans.

    What will be different in 2014?

    Pelini may want to put the past in the past, and that's fine. However, fans would love to hear about his plan to make football fun again for his team.

    He's shown over the last several months that he can have fun. By carrying a cat on the field at the spring game, Pelini proved he's more than just hothead. Can he carry that attitude into the season? Fans will be looking for that answer during Big Ten media days.