Seth Rollins Injury: Updates on WWE Star's Knee and Return

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistJuly 14, 2014


Updates from Tuesday, July 15

Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc., via PWInsider Elite, reports Seth Rollins escaped a serious injury during Raw last night:

Word from backstage at last night's RAW is that Seth Rollins is fine and is not injured. A source said Rollins was just selling the knee injury from the main event and doing a good job of it. It was noted that it was suspicious how WWE kept the cameras off Rollins when he went down.

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WWE may have suffered a major blow on the July 14 edition of Raw, as Seth Rollins succumbed to an injury after a tough landing and had to be helped to the backroom by doctors.

In a routine main event on the go-home edition of the weekly show to build anticipation for WWE's next pay-per-view, Battleground, the referee was visibly seen calling for doctors after Rollins landed awkwardly off a springboard and grabbed his knee.

Bleacher Report's Justin LaBar detailed the scene:

As observed, this didn't appear to be a part of the act:

The ramifications of a potential injury to Rollins cannot be stressed enough.

Not only was Rollins the architect of The Shield and the performer of one of the most memorable heel turns in recent history by betraying Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, his push has been second only to that of Reigns as of late.

Handpicked by Triple H, who hails him as the future of the company (via Wrestling Inc), Rollins is a critical piece in WWE at the moment with CM Punk gone and Daniel Bryan shelved indefinitely.

As the Money in the Bank briefcase holder, he can cash in and attempt to win the title at any point in time. It was clear the company had big plans for its new biggest heel. He was slated for an encounter with Ambrose at Battleground, a hotly anticipated showdown that is very much up in the air at this point.

The company cannot catch a break in this regard.

The Intercontinental Championship had to be vacated recently thanks to an injury to Bad News Barrett, which followed Bryan vacating his WWE world heavyweight title due to injury. This put the strap back on John Cena and may have accelerated events to their recent standing.

The bad news seems to be pouring in consistently as of late, but WWE has certainly had plenty of practice with on-the-fly booking since the start of the year.


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