John Calipari Dines with Drake, Calls Him a 'Good Friend'

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 15, 2014


If you can help the Kentucky men's basketball team land recruits, you are, by default, John Calipari's best friend.

Thus we have Kentucky's head coach and Drake, two peas in a pod who sat down for dinner sometime in the recent past.

Calipari snapped a tableside picture with the rapper and tweeted it to his followers along with some words praising the young music icon's modesty.

Hear that? That's the sound of 5-star recruits scrambling to scream their verbal commitments from the rooftops.

Hanging out and snapping pictures together is a mutually beneficial situation for both coach and rapper. Drake, whom many label a bandwagon fan, only benefits by tying himself to a veritable first-round-draft-pick factory in Kentucky. Likewise, Calipari can use Drake's star power to draw the thoroughbreds to water.

"You'll meet Drake" is the ace in the hole his program can keep in its back pocket, should it need to convince a hesitant young man who thinks he might get more playing time at Kansas.

How many rap stars who started from the bottom does Bill Self hang out with? None. Case closed.

In summary, the youth love Drake. Drake loves associating with success. Calipari needs the youth to be successful. Everyone wins, and by "wins," I mean makes lots of money and headlines.


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