Projecting 5 Most Suitable Candidates to Be Next Intercontinental Champion

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2014

Projecting 5 Most Suitable Candidates to Be Next Intercontinental Champion

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    The future of the WWE Intercontinental Championship is approaching a turning point at the upcoming Battleground pay-per-view on Sunday, and the WWE needs to choose its next move carefully.

    The company had a solid champion in Bad News Barrett, who was starting to build some momentum before being cruelly sidelined with a nasty injury. That meant he had to vacate the title, and the WWE has chosen to give literally all the roster a chance at winning it.

    Even Diego from Los Matadores is in the 20-man Battle Royal, which sums up WWE Creative's ludicrous booking of late.

    In any case, when you separate the wheat from the chaff, several men stand out above the rest.

    Let's look at the five most suitable candidates to become the next intercontinental champion, factoring in the return of Bad News Barrett. 

Big E

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    We start with a former intercontinental champion and a guy who held the belt with some level of prestige.

    When Big E became champion, it was his breakthrough moment as a solo star. He gave it his all to show us what he could do with the belt around his waist.

    Unfortunately, since he dropped the title earlier this year, he has fallen way down the pecking order. However, that's largely down to mismanagement from WWE Creative, who haven't found a place for him in the card without the belt.

    Why not give him another chance to show the world what he can do as intercontinental champion? If booked correctly, there are plenty of credible candidates who could tussle for the belt with Big E.

    He's been quite unfortunate of late, so if nothing else, the WWE owes Big E another chance. 

Dolph Ziggler

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    That's right, folks. It's another article detailing just how much the WWE should push Dolph Ziggler.

    Hang on for just a second before you go crazy.

    Wouldn't Ziggler be a great intercontinental champion? He's still massively over in the eyes of the fans, which means he could be a great choice to give the belt some prestige again.

    He's also a talented enough guy to put on some great matches for the belt.

    In going with a babyface as the new champion, it would create an opening for Bad News Barrett to come back and try to claim what is rightfully his.

    All in all, Ziggler wouldn't be the worst choice in the world.

The Miz

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    The Miz greatly divides opinion among WWE fans.

    On one hand, some think he is more than worthy of a push back up the card after being allowed to plummet from the height of WWE Championship material.

    On the other hand, others believe he's nothing more than a midcard talent who should never get his hands on gold again.

    In any case, this recent push since returning from being away on movie duty has to be going somewhere, and perhaps the role of intercontinental champion could suit The Miz quite well.

    He'd be an interesting choice, and if his push is indeed going to be sustained beyond Battleground, he'd be a credible contender to win the Battle Royal. 


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    It wasn't supposed to be this way for Cesaro.

    He teamed up with Paul Heyman after winning the inaugural Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX, and the sky literally seemed the limit.

    However, the WWE's inability to decide whether he was a babyface (which he should have been) or a heel has cost Cesaro his push, and he's not going anywhere at the moment.

    It seems like a smart idea to strip everything back to basics and give him the WWE Intercontinental Championship. That way, the fans will be able to decide just how much they are into Cesaro if he's competing on TV regularly.

    Without Heyman by his side (who will likely be back with Brock Lesnar for the SummerSlam program), we will get a clearer view of exactly where Cesaro is headed.

    If his spell as champion is a success, the world title scene could be on the horizon once again. 

Rob Van Dam

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    Let's face it—ever since he made his comeback to the WWE last year at Money in the Bank, the treatment of Rob Van Dam has been pretty shambolic.

    Sure, we're all for older talent putting over younger guys in an impressive manner, but having Van Dam job out on a frequent basis just doesn't make any sense.

    He's been scratching around for a worthwhile role, so it makes sense for Van Dam to be the guy who gets the gold at Battleground.

    There's a nice angle for him to resume his rivalry with Bad News Barrett when he returns, too. They had some nice chemistry in the ring and put on some impressive matches.

    There's no doubting that Van Dam is in the latter stages of his career. So, to that end, he needs to be treated properly. Make him a champion again, WWE, because it's the least he deserves.