Lack of Worthy Rivals Will Have The Usos' Title Reign Suffer After Battleground

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 21, 2014


After Battleground, The Usos are going to find that it's a tough journey after one leaves one's soul mate behind.

The Tag Team champions added another highlight to their resumes with a stellar match at the latest pay-per-view. Looking past that night, however, there's uncertainty about what they can do going forward. The tag division offers no other worthy rivals, and so either repetition or letdowns await them.

Battleground marked the second time The Usos and The Wyatt Family had arguably the best bout of the night. Lance Storm, The Fan's Podcast and Brian Fritz were among the many folks raving about the match.

The Usos' reign can't be a continuous series against The Wyatt Family, though.

There will need to be variety in regard to their opponents. The Usos and The Wyatt Family will eventually stop outdoing their previous efforts. At some point, the audience will have little interest in seeing the same pair of squads clash.

That's especially true if WWE continues its habit of not giving them a plot to work with and instead just having them battle each other again and again.

Unfortunately, the division offers no one else who can come close to what Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been able to do with Jimmy and Jey. An ideal juxtaposition of grace and brute force, speed and power, have made these tag bouts fun to watch so far.

Each time, The Usos look more and more like warriors rather than just high-flyers.

Fending off the barbarians at the gate as long as they have now has The Usos brimming with momentum. The trouble is that there's nowhere for that momentum to take them. The rest of the division is a downgrade from The Wyatt Family.

WWE's choices of future foes for The Usos include:

  • Goldust and Stardust
  • Ryback and Curtis Axel
  • Los Matadores
  • Xavier Woods and R-Truth

If the company wants to go the typical heel-versus-babyface route, it would have to pit The Usos against midcarders Ryback and Axel.

Few fans would expect a series of matches with RybAxel to be anything close to what The Wyatt Family and The Usos have produced. There just isn't the same electric chemistry in The Usos' matches against Ryback and Axel.

Flash back to their match on the March 7 SmackDown. The action had the fans excited in spots, but there were not the "This is awesome!" chants one hears when The Usos take on The Wyatt Family.  

Ryback and Axel don't feel like a real threat anyway.

Harper and Rowan are towering brutes with predatory grins, the monsters swiping at the heroes and looking to knock the treasure from their hands. Ryback and Axel have been portrayed far more like bumblers and card-filler.

The Wyatt Family wouldn't be anywhere near a Santa Claus segment. 

That's the biggest issue with the division now. It features two top teams and then a handful of other pairings that don't seem like contenders. What matches have Woods and R-Truth, Los Matadores and Ryback and Axel won?

As of July 12, the WWE's win-loss records, per PWInsider, haven't been kind to most of the division.

Ryback and Axel have a 10-16-1 record, Woods and R-Truth are 2-6 and Los Matadores are just 6-6-1. That means the audience doesn't have a great impression of any of these teams, seeing them all as mediocre or losers.

None of them have been involved in any stories as of late either. They have been more active in Battle Royals, when WWE simply needs bodies, than during the normal flow of programming.

Having Woods be the first one eliminated in every Battle Royal doesn't have him look like anything more than a bottom-feeder. 

Goldust and Stardust are the only other duo with any momentum.

WWE has highlighted them via backstage segments. They haven't competed much, but the Stardust persona growing stranger each week has given the Rhodes brothers a way to get the fans' attention.

Officials would have to pit a babyface team against a babyface team, but their matches would be good. It would be hard to have fans truly invest with no villain to root against, though. 

But what other choice does the company have, really?

Unless WWE calls up The Ascension from NXT, it will likely just have The Usos take on The Wyatt Family until the magic between them finally fades. The Usos have found their ideal match in Harper and Rowan.

Once that relationship comes to a close, there is going to be a series of lackluster feuds awaiting them.