Celebrities Celebrating Wins with Athletes

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2014

Celebrities Celebrating Wins with Athletes

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    Winning in anything in life is always super dope.

    But when an athlete does it to take home a victory, it's just a little more sweet.

    And while it's cool to see them celebrating with teammates, coaches and their family members, it's even more amazing when they do it with celebrities.

    Over the years, we've seen celebs and athletes do this more and more, which is why I'm giving you a few of the more famous instances of it.

Jay Z and LeBron James

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    LeBron James might have celebrated his two NBA titles with his teammates, but whenever he's in New York City, he often gets a chance to party with his good buddy Jay Z.

    Often seen chatting it up and doing their handshake following games, the basketball and rap superstars can usually find something to celebrate when in the same building together.

    And if it's not after a hoops contest, Hova might just join Bron at other awards—as he did in 2012 at Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year Awards.

Macklemore with the Seattle Seahawks

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    In the past year or so, there might not be a rapper who has blown up more than Seattle's own Macklemore.

    With some of his songs even mentioning memorable sporting events from his city, Macklemore has naturally become the biggest fan of all of his hometown squads.

    So when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl earlier this year, who else but him to pop bottles with?

Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    Not only did singers Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne escort WBC welterweight champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. into the ring prior to his fight against Marcos Maidana, but after Money defeated his opponent, the two celebs hopped into the ring to pose with Mayweather and the championship belt.

    There are bromances and then there's whatever the hell this is—and personally, I think anything that includes Bieber in it just needs to stop.

Drake with Kentucky Basketball

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    As a graduate of the University of Kentucky, I've seen plenty of photos and heard even more stories of Drake visiting the team or being around my former campus a lot over the past few years.

    And while the rapper often gets crap for being a bandwagon fan, he has held true to Coach Cal and the Cats.

    So it was no surprise to see him inside the team's locker room a few times during their run to the national title game earlier this year—which, sadly, didn't end with a championship.

Kid Rock with the Detroit Red Wings

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    When his hometown Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup title in 2008, singer Kid Rock didn't just crack a beer and toss a few high-fives to his buddy to celebrate.

    Instead, the guy did something that every sports fan would die for—host an insane Fourth of July party that featured a few members of the Cup-winning team and the Stanley Cup itself.

    Seeing how players treat Lord Stanley's trophy like their own personal stein, I'm sure Kid Rock and the boys didn't just let it sit there and gather dust.

Matthew McConaughey with the Texas Longhorns

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    Graduating from the University of Texas in 1993, it's no wonder that Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is all about Hook 'em Horns.

    The dude has shown that on a number of occasions, but none was bigger than the time he was spotted amongst the crowds on the sidelines of the Longhorns national title back in 2006, when they completed an incredible comeback against Southern Cal for the victory.

Rihanna with Germany

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    There are a few things that I know about hip-hop artist Rihanna.

    First, she's an absolute smokeshow. Second, she's talented as all hell. Finally, she's one of the worst bandwagon sports fans on the planet.

    So when she wasn't trolling the United States men's national soccer team in this summer's World Cup, she was partying it up with the winners of the entire tournament, Germany.

Vince Vaughn with the Chicago Blackhawks

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    Known for being one of the biggest Chicago Blackhawks fans on the planet, actor Vince Vaughn may not have been in the locker room popping champagne with the team following either one of their two Stanley Cup titles in the past five years—that I know of—but he was certainly there pounding on the glass to celebrate a goal.

    Vaughn is such a big Blackhawks supporter that he went as far as making a bet on The Tonight Show in 2013 about them—which worked well for him, as Chicago won the whole thing.

    After watching this video, I'm a little surprised Vince didn't hop the glass and party with the team on the ice.

Eva Longoria with the San Antonio Spurs

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    The two might not be married any longer, but when they were, actress Eva Longoria and San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker had plenty of good moments to celebrate together.

    One of the biggest was Parker's third NBA title since coming into the league back in 2001, with the sexy Longoria not only seen getting cozy with her then husband on the court but keeping the party going by being on one of the Spurs' boats during their victory parade.

Jimmy Fallon and the Boston Red Sox

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    Sure, it might have been the ending of the movie Fever Pitch, but I technically count the time that Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore ran onto the field to organically celebrate the Boston Red Sox's first World Series in 86 years.

    Following a series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals to end the Curse of the Bambino, the two actors got the chance of a lifetime—and one every Boston fan would give an appendage for—by jumping up and down in the middle of the diamond with the entire team.

Rudy Giuliani with the New York Yankees

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    At one time, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was one of the most inspirational men in the entire world, leading the Big Apple back from disaster following the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

    But even before he was leading the charge to restore the city and prove that NYC would recover, his love for the hometown Yankees came through by him celebrating one of the two World Series titles in the late '90s with former manager Joe Torre and heralded owner George Steinbrenner, who Giuliani spoke highly of following The Boss' death.

Jack Nicholson with the Los Angeles Lakers

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    One of the most recognized celebrities at any sporting event, actor Jack Nicholson is know best for sitting in his courtside seats during Los Angeles Lakers games, often talking to referees and opposing players.

    A season-ticket holder since the '70s, Jack has seen plenty of good and bad moments over the years, but one of his finest came in 2012 when the team honored him on his 75th birthday with a cake made like a mini version of the team's court.

    I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have happened for any normal fan.