Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane Engage in Dance Contest at Blackhawks Convention

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 21, 2014


The seventh annual Chicago Blackhawks Convention kicked off last Friday with the usual fanfare.

Players assembled to give autographs, talk to fans and engage in Q&A sessions with the people who pay their salaries.

When superstars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane sat down to talk with fans, one bold woman threw out an unusual request. She wanted to see a dance-off.

“I’m Paige, and I’m a Toews fan,” she began, as if opening up a support group meeting. “And we were wondering, if…because of the competitiveness you guys had last year…can we see a rematch of the dance-off?”

Reluctantly, the two players agreed to partake in what would be their second dance competition in two years.

Pete Blackburn of spotted video of the event. Toews broke out a familiar moonwalk, and Kane did a version of his patented “Kaner Shuffle.”

So, who won?

My money’s on Kane, whose bro’d-out version of The Twist—no matter how boring or uninspired it may look off the ice—never fails to strike a chord with me. Kane also blew in Toews' ear, Lance Stephenson style.


At least they had music for this dance-off, which was not the case in 2013 when Paige and friends asked them to dance for the first time.

Was it awkward? Extremely, but these are the things that happen when you ask professional athletes to dance without music in a business-casual setting.

Keep doing you, Paige. Remember that recovery from Toews addiction is a step-by-step process. Take it one day at a time.


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