Andrelton Simmons Reaches Back to Field Ball, Then Lays out to Record Force out

Ken ChinSocial Media StaffJuly 21, 2014


Atlanta Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons showed off his Gold Glove defense with an impressive display of quickness and change of direction.

In the fourth inning of Monday's game against the Miami Marlins, Miami put on the hit-and-run, so Simmons moved over toward second base to cover the bag. Jordany Valdespin put the ball in play, and that's when Simmons worked his magic. 

Simmons made one of the hardest plays in baseball look easy, reaching back across his body to snag the grounder and laying out to get the force out. 

If he keeps this up, Simmons has many more Gold Gloves in his future.