Our Favorite Sports Twitter Follows: The Rookies

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJuly 24, 2014

Our Favorite Sports Twitter Follows: The Rookies

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    Jennifer Pottheiser/Getty Images

    Twitter is so ridiculously massive that it’s hard to even wrap our heads around its vastness. It’s a place where people gather to rapid-fire share their unsolicited opinions and general disdain for pretty much everything. 

    Aside from being a dumping ground for people to post their most terrible thoughts with relative anonymity, Twitter provides regular people with unprecedented access to celebrities. Today, athletes have a much bigger stage than the one they compete on, and fans have the opportunity to throw verbal tomatoes at them should they choose to stand on it. 

    Well, maybe not all fans are on Twitter just to insult people, but sometimes that’s how it seems. Either way, the ability to follow and personally interact with athletes is what brings a lot of fans to Twitter. But because it’s so expansive, with people always coming and going, it’s hard to keep up with who’s worth following. 

    The NFL and NBA each held its draft in recent months, which means there’s a whole new batch of rookie athletes trying to navigate the Twittersphere as newly minted pros. Among the hundreds of rookies, there aren’t all that many who have already found their voice on social media and are worth a follow. 

    Of course there are at least 20—and here they are. 

Cody Latimer, Denver Broncos

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    JACK DEMPSEY/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @CodyLatimer14

    Cody Latimer out of Indiana was drafted No. 56 overall by the Broncos in the 2014 NFL draft. He tweets regularly and so far hasn’t learned a lesson about trying to reach decisions based on Twitter consensus. He’ll get there eventually though. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @CodyLatimer14: Anybody in denver wanna go on a run with me later jk but for real though

    @CodyLatimer14: It’s gonna b funny seeing all of the new Cavs fans

    @CodyLatimer14: Everyone keeps asking if I have a nickname.. no i don’t but would love one does any of my followers have any ideas?

Doug McDermott, Chicago Bulls

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    USA TODAY Sports

    Twitter ID: @dougmcd3

    Rookie Doug McDermott was selected No. 11 overall in the 2014 NBA draft by the Nuggets and then traded to the Bulls. Not all his tweets are winners, but they are current and not just a never-ending stream of irritating RTs. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @dougmcd3: Honored to win an ESPY tonight. Couldn’t have done it without my teammates, coaches, the Creighton community & the city of Omaha. Thank you

    @dougmcd3: Who what where and Kawhi

    @dougmcd3: Da Bulls 

Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins

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    Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @God_Son80

    Former LSU wide receiver Jarvis Landry was selected by the Dolphins No. 63 overall in the 2014 NFL draft. Landry goes a little heavy on the life lesson tweets, but he’s often accidentally funny and seems genuine and friendly—which makes you wonder how he’s going to fit in down in Miami. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @God_Son80: Honestly, who can you trust?? Nobody’s as loyal as the people use to be. #TrustIssues

    @God_Son80: That moment when Yahtzee became my favorite game, or when eating crawfish was the funniest thing to watch. #1stTime 

    @God_Son80: Congratulations to Michael Sam, for the long waited journey that’s about to be yours. #STL #DraftDay

Spencer Dinwiddie, Detroit Pistons

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    Twitter ID: @SDinwiddie_25

    Spencer Dinwiddie played college ball at Colorado and was selected by the Pistons in the second round of the 2014 NBA draft. Maybe it’s because he had to pay his dues for a few years in college, but Dinwiddie seems a bit more humble than your average NBA player—he’s just trying to get verified! Maybe it’ll all change down the road, but for now he’s definitely worth a follow. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @SDinwiddie_25: Cats don’t realize the name on the front of the jersey means so much more than the name on the back…on and OFF the court. 

    @SDinwiddie_25: When do I get my blue check!?!?

    @SDinwiddie_25: S/o to every unemployed former college student that’s been trying to get a job the past couple months.. 

Calvin Pryor, New York Jets

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    Julio Cortez/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @CP3_850

    A free safety out of Louisville, Calvin Pryor was selected No. 18 overall by the Jets in the 2014 NFL draft. In typical mouthy Jets fashion, he’s closing in on 25,000 tweets and is among the most active tweeters on this list.

    Pryor is sometimes funny and sometimes cliche and mundane, but you get the sense he’s more likely than a lot of guys to get himself in hot water down the road for oversharing something on Twitter. Plus, it seems like Floyd Mayweather is one of his heroes. 

    A few recent tweets (posted in the span of hours on a single day): 

    @CP3_850: Let me sponsor u baby

    @CP3_850: Big girls be the cutest lol 

    @CP3_850: I watch Mayweather clips every day….motivational use only 

Josh Huestis, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Layne Murdoch Jr./Getty Images

    Twitter ID: @jhuestis 

    A small forward who played all four years at Stanford, Josh Huestis was drafted No. 29 overall by the Thunder in the 2014 NBA draft. Unlike most everyone else, Huestis has a quality-over-quantity approach to Twittering. He comes across funny, friendly and cool—in kind of a nerdy way—and deserves a larger following than he has currently. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @jhuestis: Just killed a spider with my shoe and it exploded and out came 100 spider babies. On an unrelated note, I’m looking for a new house 

    @jhuestis: For real tho. How am I supposed to sleep now? Never felt so manly

    @jhuestis: I bet everybody on twitter is gonna be like “lebrons a baby. Who goes to the bathroom? Jordan NEVER used the bathroom.” 

Dee Ford, Kansas City Chiefs

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    USA TODAY Sports

    Twitter ID: @dee_ford_

    Outside linebacker Dee Ford, who played college ball at Auburn, was chosen No. 23 overall by the Chiefs in the 2014 NFL draft. He’s just coming into his own on Twitter, but Ford is a guy with personality to spare and has potential to be pretty entertaining. In the meantime, he asks a lot of questions, which are a built-in platform for fan interaction. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @dee_ford_: It’s official I’m getting a dog…any suggestions?

    @dee_ford_: I record ALL genres of music …which do y’all prefer?? … 

    @dee_ford_: ESPY’s has been phenomenal

P.J. Hairston, Charlotte Hornets

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    Sergio Hentschel/Getty Images

    Twitter ID: @Mr_Hairston15

    P.J. Hairston played three years at North Carolina before being selected No. 26 overall by the Heat in the 2014 NBA draft and then later traded to the Hornets. He tweets very regularly about love, life and the pursuit of the simple things that make a man happy in this world…like thick girls and Roscoes Chicken and Waffles

    A few recent tweets: 

    @Mr_Hairston15: I need party girls, in my party world…

    @Mr_Hairston15: Thim slick girls get me every time….

    @Mr_Hairston15: Okay I’m off y’all, go cry in a pillow [peace sign emoji]

Marcus Smith II, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Matt Rourke/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @MoneyMarcc91

    An outside linebacker out of Louisville, Marcus Smith Jr. was selected No. 26 overall by the Eagles in the 2014 NFL draft. Smith, who describes himself as “#Hungry/Humble,” is kind of a Twitter philosopher with his marriage metaphors and storytelling tattoos. He’s a fun follow and takes himself a little too seriously, so you don’t have to. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @MoneyMarcc91: It was time to marry the game and i said yea I do

    @MoneyMarcc91: Bout to be a wild six months but I’m ready

    @MoneyMarcc91: I have tattoos to tell a story

Cleanthony Early, New York Knicks

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    Peter Aiken/Getty Images

    Twitter ID: @Clearly_BallLyf

    A member of the Cinderella story Wichita State team that dominated the headlines last season, Cleanthony Early was chosen No. 34 overall by the Knicks in the 2014 NBA draft. Early is definitely a niche market for a follow because for a guy with over 25,000 tweets, he’s astonishingly redundant. But there’s something comforting about having something you can always count on. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @Clearly_BallLyf: Thank God for today 

    @Clearly_BallLyf: Thank God for today 

    @Clearly_BallLyf: Thank God for today 

Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints

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    Uncredited/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @brandincooks 

    Brandin Cooks, a wide receiver out of Oregon State, was selected No. 20 overall by the Saints in the 2014 NFL draft. Cooks doesn’t tweet around the clock like a lot of other athletes on this list, but he seems to be going trough some kind of existential crisis, which is always good for some overshares. And although he doesn’t ever seem to know quite what he’s talking about, it’s more adorable than annoying.

    A few recent tweets: 

    @brandincooks: I had to learn to let go of some ends. Having success can alter others feelings about U.Can only try to help so much. Jealousy is the devil

    @brandincooks: Real Definition of CLOSE FRIENDS: when you turn your back they move first. Always remember that

    @brandincooks: I still got the heat in 8! Bet?!

Kyle Anderson, San Antonio Spurs

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    USA TODAY Sports

    Twitter ID: @KyleAnderson5

    After one season at UCLA, Kyle Anderson was taken No. 30 overall by the Spurs in the 2014 NBA draft. Another guy that seems to be going through one of those existential crises brought on by a sudden financial windfall, Anderson is just trying to sort his new life out—and he’s taking us along for the ride. Plus, he recently quoted Superbad, which is all you really need to know.

    A few recent tweets: 

    @KyleAnderson5: Home is where the hatred is, home is filled with pain.

    @KyleAnderson5: Lately its been hard to tell my friends apart from my enemies cus plenty people show me love but in their hearts they envy me.. #coleworld

    @KyleAnderson5: You guys know a guy named Jimmy? You totally look like his brother.. U do

Darqueze Dennard, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Al Behrman/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @DDennard21

    A cornerback out of Michigan State, Darqueze Dennard was selected No. 24 overall by the Bengals in the 2014 NFL draft. Dennard seems pretty hung up on money and “the lifestyle,” which provides a pretty odd window into his state of mind. Bragging about your life just doesn’t jibe with hitting up your Twitter followers for new kicks—but the responses are classic. 

    Plus, Dennard has obviously gotten quite friendly with teammate Adam “Pacman” Jones, who is known for some very questionable behavior throughout his career. That could lead to some interesting stuff down the line. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @DDennard21: If it ain’t bout the money … !!

    @DDennard21: Live this lifestyle !!!!!!

    @DDennard21: Messed up my Jordan futures today !! Who’s willing to get me a new pair?!?!

    @DDennard21: Congrats to my big bro @REALPACMAN24 fo gettin married today !! 

Xavier Thames, Brooklyn Nets

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    Steve Dykes/Getty Images

    Twitter ID: @Xthames2

    Xavier Thames played college ball at Washington State, and later San Diego State, before the Raptors selected him with the 59th pick of the 2014 NBA draft and then shipped him off to the Nets. Thames has taken it upon himself to stand up to the throngs of LeBron haters on Twitter—and if you really want to get into it, you can find him on Xbox Live. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @Xthames: The most criticized athlete EVER !!!! Smh lol 

    @Xthames: Xbox one gamer tag xthames add me !!

    @Xthames: Why do people bring Kobe up when Bron does something good?? I don’t get it [sad face emoji]

Carlos Hyde, San Francisco 49ers

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    Jeff Lewis/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @elguapo 

    Running back Carlos Hyde played four years at Ohio State and was chosen No. 57 overall by the 49ers in the 2014 NFL draft. The Niners have a lot of characters on that roster and Hyde should fit in perfectly. He tweets on the regular, and the result is pretty entertaining. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @elguapo: I’m so weird sometimes lol

    @elguapo: I like my b**** conceited. 

    @elguapo: At the grocery store buying everything! 

    @elguapo: Up thinking.

Nik Stauskas, Sacramento Kings

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    USA TODAY Sports

    Twitter ID: @NStauskas11

    A shooting guard out of Michigan, Nik Stauskas was selected by the Kings No. 8 overall in the 2014 NBA draft. Judging by his hilariously relatable tweets, Stauskas seems like just the guy to make a very solid career out of crisp bounce passes, diving for loose balls, taking offensive charges, jamming out on air guitar and having his mind blown by a dunk. [In case you don’t get that reference] It's gonna be awesome. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @NStauskas11: Saturday night in vegas…. Watching The Purge by myself in my room lol. 

    @NStauskas11: LeBron is going back to Cleveland!?!?!? WHAAAAAAAT!!!?!???

    @NStauskas11: Hopped out the plane in LAX with a dream and my cardigan! What’s good?

Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Uncredited/Associated Press

    Twitter ID: @JeremyHill33

    Jeremy Hill, a running back out of LSU, was selected by the Bengals with the 55th pick of the 2014 NFL draft. Of every athlete on this list, Hill might be the chillest and most down to earth. He’s relatively new to Twitter with under 1,000 tweets, so who knows if he’ll actually stick with it. But if he does, he’s likely to amass an enthusiastic following. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @JeremyHill33: Problem with our society everyone wants compliments and to be congratulated on what they are suppose to do No award for being responsible 

    @JeremyHill33: Beautiful thing about the @nfl all 32 teams feel they can win the Super Bowl not every league can say that

    @JeremyHill33: The Pitch Perfect cast is pretty awesome I can’t lie #downtoearth #rubbingelbows 

    @JeremyHill33: So now all the Heat fans are CAvs fans again #bandwagonuniversity #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness 

Cory Jefferson, Brooklyn Nets

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    Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

    Cory Jefferson, Brooklyn Nets 

    Twitter ID: @CoryJay34

    A power forward out of Baylor, Cory Jefferson was taken by the Spurs with the 60th overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft and then traded to the Nets. Like many athletes, particularly NBA players, Jefferson is probably going to keep you abreast of most of his haircuts and trips to the dentist if you follow him. That being said, he’s friendly and funny with a good sense of humor, which makes up for the boring overshares. 

    A few recent tweets: 

    @CoryJay34: Fresh fade got ya boy feeling good.. [smiley emoji, a-ok emoji, barber pole emoji] 

    @CoryJay34: Welp.. LeBron is back in Cleveland 

    @CoryJay34: Time to patch them jerseys back up [crying laughing emoji] 

Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns

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    Jason Miller/Getty Images

    Twitter ID: @JManziel2

    As if this guy needs any introduction, but in the interest of continuity he’s getting one anyway. A Heisman-winning quarterback out of Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel was selected No. 22 overall by the Browns in the 2014 NFL draft.

    Although he’s on a different level in terms of fame than the rest of the players on this list, being a rookie still qualifies Manziel. Since everything he says, does or tweets makes news, it would behoove you to follow him, assuming you aren’t already. 

    A few recent tweets:

    @JManziel2: Hit the club want you you you… @Coll_Crowley pic.twitter.com/GgZYrCd5CN

    Actually, one’s enough to make the point. That tweet alone generated countless headlines across the web in less than 12 hours. Like this, this, this, this and this

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

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    Juan Ocampo/Getty Images

    Twitter ID: @JoelEmbiid

    Joel Embiid was chosen No. 3 overall by the 76ers in the 2014 NBA draft. Here are some of his recent tweets worth reading—particularly the LeBron James recruiting bit that made a few headlines in early July. 

    A few recent tweets:

    @JoelEmbiid: This has to stop. Mom is questioning me if I really wanna date 40 or 50 years old women. IT WAS A JOKE. I’m focused on rehab and basketball. 

    @JoelEmbiid: @KingJames hey bro hope you’re having a good day.….. Want to join us in philly?? Peace

    @JoelEmbiid: I hope i’m not gonna get fined already with those Lebron’s tweets is it legal to recruit over twitter @NBA ?

    @JoelEmbiid: He probably DM’d me but I don’t read my DMs so I’m gonna go ahead and block him