WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Undertaker, Nikki Bella and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 22, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The latest WWE rumors point to Undertaker's in-ring career being over and a possible character change for Nikki Bella.

Sting has been pushing for a WrestleMania showdown with The Deadman, but a recent report gives fans more reason to believe that this potential match will stay a fantasy. The possibility of Nikki turning heel has been the subject of backstage buzz as well.  

Ricky Steamboat, Summer Rae and Layla's partnership, plus booking plans for Rusev vs. Jack Swagger and Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt inspired the rest of the biggest WWE rumors making their way across the Internet.

We begin with what possibly motivated WWE to have Fandango's last two dance partners form an alliance.

Are Summer Rae and Layla the New LayCool?

Summer and Layla have exited their love triangle with Fandango and come together as a team. They partied with Adam Rose at Battleground before leaving Zack Ryder a lipstick-covered mess on Monday's Raw.

If the sight of Layla with a leggy blonde reminds fans of another team, that's reportedly by design. F4WOnline (h/t PWMania) reports that the pairing is meant to be an adaptation of LayCool and partially a response to The Beautiful People being on TNA again.

If Summer and Layla uniting is indeed a counter to The Beautiful People, it's a delayed one. The female faction has been reunited for months.

Summer and Layla haven't done much yet other than look to make Fandango jealous, so it's difficult to know what direction WWE has in mind for them. They are far from as vicious as The Beautiful People and haven't delighted in demeaning others as LayCool once did.

For now, it just looks like the groups are similar in look only.

Possible Heel Turn Coming

Should Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon go to war, the former Divas champ may not have her sister on her side.

Nikki has been the victim in the McMahon and Brie rivalry. The executive has punished Brie for slapping her at Payback by putting her sister in Handicap matches and having her suffer repeated beatings. Perhaps that leads to Nikki snapping and blaming her sister. 

According to F4WOnline (h/t WrestlingInc), WWE officials have reportedly been discussing a heel turn for Nikki.

That would be an added dramatic element to a potential clash between McMahon and Brie. The scenario is plausible considering how often McMahon has yelled at Nikki about all of this being her sister's fault.

It looks as if the twins are set to join the long list of siblings who have collided in WWE history.

Backstage News on Battleground Feuds

Rusev defeated Swagger by count-out at Battleground. The lack of decisiveness to that victory seemed to signal more bouts to come between them.

Backlash from media outlets over Lana's promo at the pay-per-view may have that feud end prematurely. According to F4WOnline (h/t WrestlingInc), there is talk that the Rusev vs. Swagger may have been dropped already.

On Monday's Raw, there was no mention of the rivalry. Instead, Rusev took on The Great Khali.

That's possibly a sign that WWE is headed elsewhere with the character to avoid controversy. It may also just be a way to let things cool down before diving into the pro-Russia sentiment head-on again.

Jericho and Wyatt's feud, on the other hand, is certain to keep going. 

F4WOnline (h/t PWMania) noted that the original Battleground plans involved Wyatt defeating Jericho. The report says that Vince McMahon made the call on the day of the show to have Jericho win and that the two foes are scheduled to meet again at SummerSlam and likely at Night of Champions as well.

That's good news for fans as their first clash was underwhelming. After Wyatt's vicious attack of Jericho on Monday's Raw, the animosity between them is sure to escalate, and the two stars should deliver some fantastic matches ahead.  

Ricky Steamboat's Status

It looked as if the Hall of Famer Steamboat was going to be the latest victim of WWE's attempts to trim the budget. His run as a trainer and member of the talent relations department came to an end.

His reported exit didn't stick, though.

According to PWInsider (h/t WrestleZone), Steamboat was released from his contract as part of recent budget cuts over the weekend. PWInsider (h/t WrestlingInc) later reported that word is that Steamboat is working for WWE again.

It's unclear if there was just false information floating around the first time or if WWE simply changed its mind about letting Steamboat go.

With as many cuts as we've seen in recent weeks, there are likely to be more, the company either releasing Superstars or backstage personnel. Until the WWE Network starts pulling in more subscribers, Steamboat is among many valuable assets who are at risk of being a victim of economics.

Undertaker Update

Ever since Brock Lesnar ended his undefeated streak at WrestleMania, Undertaker has been the center of speculation. Fans want to know if that was his swan song.

Was his bout vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 Undertaker's last?
Was his bout vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 Undertaker's last?Credit: WWE.com

According to F4WOnline (h/t WrestlingInc), Undertaker has been telling people close to him that he hasn't ruled out wrestling again, but he doesn't expect to return to the ring.

That's not surprising considering his age, the wear and tear he's suffered over the years and the fact that he spent the night after his last match in a hospital bed. Fans surely want to see any number of dream matches featuring Undertaker, including him taking on John Cena or Sting.

Those scenarios don't look good right now.

Until one hears more positive news regarding Undertaker's health, it's best to keep expectations of his potential return as low as possible. Every legend's story has to end at some point, and we may just have seen Undertaker's last chapter at WrestleMania 30.


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