15 Times Superstar Athletes Were Just Like Us!

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2014

15 Times Superstar Athletes Were Just Like Us!

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    Let’s face it—a lot of athletes are just like us when it comes to posting selfies on Instagram.

    Sometimes we think of superstar athletes as not having to get their own groceries or push their own broken down cars, but guess what. They’re human too.

    Here are a few times big stars have been caught doing normal everyday stuff.

    And hey, we all love it when celebrities are brought closer to our level, right? Michael Jordan and I aren’t that different after all! Except for all the fame, money and championships, but whatever.

Honorable Mention: Terrance Ganaway Makes Sandwiches

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    David Richard/Associated Press

    I wouldn’t exactly say Terrance Ganaway is a superstar, but the recently retired NFL running back did do something you might not expect of an NFL player.

    According to USA Today, Ganaway took a job at Jimmy John's after his rookie season to stay out of trouble—despite the fact that he had just made $390,000 playing football.

    Shortly after word of his side job hit the Interweb, Ganaway retired from football to pursue a graduate degree.

Dishonorable Mention: Marshawn Lynch’s Lamborghini

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    So, this is the exact opposite of being “just like us.”

    According to Deadspin and this guy, Marshawn Lynch not only drives a Lamborghini, but he also protects it with velvet ropes when it’s parked on the street.

Rob Gronkowski Goes Grocery Shopping

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    Rob Gronkowski shops at Whole Foods!

    At first it looked like he was also one of those bad people who joke around by riding the motorized cart.

    But upon closer inspection of the date, Gronk was recovering from a pretty serious knee injury at the time of this photo.

Cam Newton Pushes Car

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    Bob Leverone/Associated Press

    Just call Triple A? Not for Cam Newton.

    The Carolina Panthers quarterback is not afraid of some hard labor, seen here with teammates helping to push a broken-down car.

Colin Kaepernick Makes a Bet

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    Big-time athletes make friendly wagers too.

    After the San Francisco 49ers suffered a regular-season loss at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks in 2013, Colin Kaepernick lost a bet with Russell Wilson. He did not, however, actually pay the piper.

    According to Sporting News, the opposing quarterbacks did make a bet, the terms of which involved the loser shaving an eyebrow. Lucky for young Kap’s mug, Wilson told 950 KJR-AM that the two were “just joking around.”

Tom Brady, Family Man

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    Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen may be a power couple, but they actually seem to maintain a lot of normalcy in their lives.

    They are often seen on family outings with their kids, doing Disney or taking their brood to a playground in Boston.

Derek Jeter Drinks Starbucks

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    Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    There’s not a whole lot about Derek Jeter’s life that is just like ours, but the man does like his Starbucks.

    Now, in defense of his uber stardom, it is possible he attempted to use a fake name—Philip—to avoid detection on this particular visit to the coffeehouse.

T.J. Oshie Sucks at Golf

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    Look guys—golf is hard.

    I know some athletes—Tony Romo, Peyton Manning—have become good after a lot of practice, but in general, it’s not a game you just pick up willy-nilly.

    This is not something you’d have to tell Olympic hockey star T.J. Oshie twice.

    His attempt at a seven-foot putt is just painful to watch.

Rafael Nadal Cooks

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    In fact, the tennis champion picks out produce AND cooks it up himself.

    Apparently cooking is a hobby of his, and Nadal likes to post pictures and videos of himself in the kitchen.

Kobe Bryant’s Camera Problems

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    Kobe Bryant wanted to take his own pictures at an Olympic tennis match—so down-to-earth.

    Not only that but he also forgot to take the lens cap off and didn’t realize it.

    That is pretty damn relatable.

Matt Kemp’s Navigation Problems

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    So, I’ve never left a stadium from anywhere but the fan gates—which are pretty easy to find.

    But hey, if you’re trying to duck out of a spring training game early in Tempe, Arizona, then it might be tough to find the players’ exit (or whatever they call it).

    Such was definitely the case with Matt Kemp in 2011.

    I feel for him on the lost part but not on the Irish goodbye part. Stick around for the whole game, bro!

Alex Rodriguez Buys US Weekly

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    Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    Omg guys, check this out! Alex Rodriguez is just like us because he was actually seen buyingUS Weekly at the airport back in 2012.

    He either really wanted to see what was going on with Heidi Klum, or maybe he was trolling for gossip about himself. Or maybe he was looking for his next blonde celebrity girlfriend—who knows.

Jim Harbaugh’s Walmart Khakis

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    I know Jim Harbaugh isn’t an athlete, but he once was! And his Walmart khakis simply cannot be left off this list.

    In January 2014, while the coach was in the midst of the NFC playoffs, his wife was hating on his khakis on 99.7 NOW. In fact, she told the station that she’s “thrown them away many of times.”

    Then we found out, courtesy of @Houston_Jay, that Harbaugh does indeed buy khakis at Walmart—he has the Twitter photo to prove it.

David Beckham Picks a Wedgie

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    No one is immune to the wedgie, not even underwear models.

    Here is David Beckham taking care of his before going into a game for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

    Don’t judge—you know that’s uncomfortable.

Yasiel Puig Gets Scared

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    Athletes are not super humans (OK, except Bo Jackson). They are afraid of things, just like us.

    Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star outfielder Yasiel Puig posted this video to his own Instagram, capturing the sheer terror he apparently felt at the sound of thunder.

LeBron James Cheers on Son

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    LeBron James may be the baddest baller on the planet, but he’s also a dad—a dad who cheers at AAU games.

    James is seen here supporting his son at the AAU Fourth Grade National Championship—uh, no pressure kid.

    If he wasn’t King James, his extreme enthusiasm might be embarrassing for his son—or maybe it still is.

Michael Jordan Plays Beer Pong

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    You’re never too old for beer pong! Even the greatest basketball player in history apparently enjoys a game or two.

    Michael Jordan was spotted at a Miami hotel in 2013 rocking the favorite pastime of every Midwestern college town.

    Think he's any good?