Sports and YouTube: My Top 10 Can't-Miss Sports Videos

Michael PeresContributor IMay 5, 2008

Two of my joys in life are sports and YouTube, and sometimes not even in that order.  It seems like, with the exception of most MLB clips, you can find anything you want on YouTube and just add it to your own collection to rewatch as often as you like. 

Some people get creative and make fun little montages lasting as long as 10 minutes.  Other people just post short 30-second clips, recording bits of a live game with their cell phones.

Both types of videos can end up providing hours of entertainment for you, the viewer, at home.

Without further ado, here are my top-10 sports-related videos, listed in no particular order.  Keep in mind that most of these clips are partial to players and teams that I love and will not feature Bruce Bowen or Eli Manning.


Danny Green Dance: 

I love the fact that Danny Green took a God awful song and turned it into one I look forward to because of the UNC bench dance performed before every tip off in Chapel Hill.  


Vince Carter's Top-10 Dunks: 

Notice all of his dunks except two are either in a Raptors uniform or an all-star uniform from back when he used to drive the lane.  I haven't found the top-10 atrocious jumpers taken by Vince Carter in a Nets jersey montage yet.


Hitler and the Dallas Cowboys:

My favorite YouTube video of the year so far.  After suffering a second straight crushing playoff loss, I thought about barricading myself in my house for a week or so and came across this clip recommended by a friend.

I was laughing so hard that I didn't feel as bad about the loss anymore.  Apparently Hitler took it a little worse than I did.


David Ortiz Single 2004 ALCS Game Five:

One of the top-five sporting moments in my life.  The quality isn't great but kudos to the fan who gave me the video that, anytime I'm having a bad day, can immediately have me giving myself a fist pound.


ESPN SportsCentury Montage:

I remember seeing this video sometime around the new millenium at the end of a SportsCenter and could not find it anywhere again for six or seven years.  If this video does not make your goosebumps shudder then you are not a true sports fan.  Fantastic job by ESPN.


Tiger Woods' Greatest Shots:

Several greatest shots by the greatest golfer of all time, including his first hole-in-one and the immortal chip-in on 16 that is the only time I've dropped a slur of curse words out of delight within ear shot of my mom.


Top Goals in Soccer History:

Just some of the most fantastic goals and memorable moments in the history of soccer.  The only drawback here is that for some reason the creator decided to include Creed to commemorate it.


Tracy Mcgrady's 13 Points in 33 Seconds:

I'm kind of partial to this one because it was the craziest game I've personally been to, but at the same time can't remember anything like it except for Reggie against the Knicks.

Nothing like seeing the few thousand who stayed walking out after the game stunned by what they just saw.


Funny Referee:

Just an all around funny video.  How the players in these games take this guy seriously I will never know.


Reggie Bush's High School Highlights:

There was a rumor going around that the original copies of this thing were going in the high hundreds on Ebay.  It would be nice if he would do something similar to this in the NFL, but I guess the defense is a little bit quicker and stronger than the ones in this video.


Feel free to post other YouTube clips you like.  I'm always looking for more.