Tyler's Back! With His 3 Different Kinds Of ConTRIversy!

Tyler HillAnalyst IJuly 9, 2009

K listen up Bleacher report readers! (And writers I love you all—well not really, some of you can go eff yourselves, I really dont care!) Just a quick blurb here.

BR has gotten too soft for my liking, all nice and what-not. Well guess what? king of controvesy is back...thats right I'm so damn controversail I can't even spell the word, problem? Better not be.

Anyway, I'm back, for my calling, like my idol (Pete Toth) said, "I'm a shit disturber. I'm giving my opinion on stuff that matters to me that's going on with my team, you don't like...thats just too damn bad!"

Cheers all! This should be the re-birth of something that was once beautiful!


Oh and editors, dont touch this!