Let's Watch a Baby Seal Try to Surf

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 4, 2014


Seals and surfers should be friends.

Both parties are constantly cruising the waves, looking for fun and doing their best to avoid being digested by sharks.

I like to believe these shared experiences led to the unlikely friendship two surfers formed with a baby seal off the northeast coast of England.

BBC (h/t Laken Litman of For the Win) reports that surfers Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders encountered the seal while carving the waters off Amble in Northumberland. A GoPro camera mounted on Stanley's board captured some incredibly precious video of the seal swimming up and attempting to balance on their boards.

Stanley told BBC the seal hung out with him and Flounders for the better part of an hour.

"We had been in for about 45 minutes when the seal came along. ... This one nudged Andrew's foot in the water and started getting curious," Stanley said. He added, "It kept sliding off, but every time you caught a wave it would surf in on the white water."



Litman writes that the seal treated the surfers like a dog playing with its masters.

"After watching this video you want a seal, don't you? Is this not the cutest thing?" Litman writes. "They're so friendly and cuddly-looking, like the Golden Retrievers of the ocean."

Indeed, the ocean is almost exclusively filled with terrifying and dangerous creatures, so meeting a friendly seal is probably a best-case scenario as far as random wildlife encounters on the open water go.

In this spirit, I've decided to power-rank the most enjoyable saltwater animals to encounter in the wild:

  1. Baby seal.
  2. Dolphin (preferably baby).
  3. Seahorse.
  4. Non-killer whales.
  5. Manatee.

One-million-way tie for last: Everything else.

Congrats to these men on making a new buddy. It isn't often you find a lapdog in the ocean.


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