Top 15 Plays Of The Bob Stoops Era!

Scott CollierContributor IJuly 10, 2009

The 10 years that Bob Stoops has led The University of Oklahoma he has produced 109 victories, six conference championships, and one national championship. 

While none of that would have been possible without the players that he has brought in over the years, these 15 plays helped define the greatest moments in the Bob Stoops Era.


15. Curtis Lofton Strips Jamal Charles (2007)

With the game tied at 14 a piece, Texas ran a draw to Jamal Charles from the 13-yard-line early in the third quarter. It appeared that Charles was going to easily score, but what no one saw was that Curtis Lofton had punched the ball out at the 4-yard-line.  Momentum shifted, and OU went on to win 28-21


14. Marcus Walker Pick Six (2007 Fiesta Bowl)

Walker came to OU as a highly touted cornerback, but struggled through injuries much of his career. His defining moment came in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl vs. Boise St.

OU had come all the way back from an 18-point deficit to tie the game with 1:11 left, when Walker jumped a route and picked off Boise St. for a 34-yard TD to give OU their first lead of the game. 

Ultimately, Walkers moment was stolen from him, but I will never forget that moment and the excitement that came with what we thought was an epic comeback.


13. Adrian Peterson Goes 80 Against Oklahoma St. (2004)

So many plays to pick from when it comes to Peterson, but this one has to be my favorite. A perfect example of the strength and speed that Peterson would demonstrate during his career at Oklahoma.


12. Renaldo Works Jumps Over Alabama (2002)

For the second time in as many years, Oklahoma lost their QB Jason White to a knee injury. While Nate Hybl came into the game and got us back within striking distance, it would eventually be one great play by Renaldo Works that would completely turn the tide, and save the game for OU. 

With 2:43 left in the game, and OU trailing by four at home, Renaldo goes off.

11. Woolfolk Makes an Amazing Catch (2000)

The 2000 game against Nebraska has so many memories, starting with coming back from an early 14-0 deficit, all the way to the end where OU won to become No. 1 in the nation for the first time since 1987.

Take away the scene at the end with OU fans rushing the field, and my biggest memory of that game is the amazing catch (5:08)that Andre Woolfolk made early in the second quarter, with OU still down 14-7

10. Demarco Murray, "It's 4.4 and Goodbye" (2007)

Demarco Murray was one of the most anticipated recruits that Stoops has brought in, and, just like Adrian Peterson, he became a star against Texas. (1:49)


9. Matt McCoy to Chris Chester (2002)

With Brad Smith running all over the higher ranked Sooners, and OU losing 24-23 with 6:37 left in the fourth quarter, Bob Stoops reached into his bag of tricks and pulled of a doozy.  (5:38)

OU's holder and backup safety Matt McCoy took the snap and could have easily thrown to a wide open Trey Dicarlo in the flats, but instead threw a jump ball in double coverage to backup TE Chris Chester, who made a leaping catch to win the game.


8. White to Bradley Saves the Day (2004)

With OU in yet another dogfight against A&M at their place, Jason White hit Mark Bradley for one of the biggest plays of the season.

With the game tied at 35 a piece, and time ticking down, White evaded the rush, stepped up in the pocket, and threw a dart to Bradley, who did the rest on this 3rd-and-10 play.


7. Ingram Seals the Deal (2006 Holiday Bowl)

After three National title game appearances in five years, OU struggled during the 2005 season, sitting at 2-3 at one point. OU rallied to finish the season 7-4 though, and received a Holiday Bowl invite against Top 10 Oregon. 

With Oregon driving, and down by three in the final minutes of the game, Clint Ingram picked off Brady Leaf to seal the upset victory and save a disappointing season at 8-4.


6. No Guts No Glory (2006)

With OU's offense struggling the entire game, and Coach Stoops not confident that our defense could get another stop after Dennis Franchione shockingly kicked two field goals on the goal line to make the score 17-16 rather than giving the ball to Javorskie Lane, Stoops went for it twice on 4th-and-short inside his own territory to seal the victory. 

After the first quarterback sneak was blown dead, Stoops ran the same exact play, and Thompson got the yardage he needed in order to move the chains, allowing OU to run out the clock.

5. Sam Bradford's Heisman Flip (2008)

Many Heisman winners have a "moment", and despite Bradford's eye-popping stats, it may just have been this moment that won Sam the Heisman. 

While the play didn't even result in a touchdown, this is definitely one of the most exciting plays that we have seen under Coach Stoops.


4. OU Gets Bama On a Big Play, Twice (2003)

With No. 1 OU only up on Alabama 13-10 midway through the third quarter, Coach Stoops decided we needed a spark. Oklahoma was preparing to punt until Stoops called back-to- back perfect plays to get momentum back on OU's side.


3. Derrick Strait Saves a Championship Season (2000)

With Oklahoma St. driving, and OU's championship season on the ropes, a true freshman saved the day. (6:52)

On 4th-and-goal Oklahoma St. threw a jump ball to their TE, but the much shorter Strait jumped up and was able to knock away the pass. OU would eventually win the game 12-7, and go on to the National Title.

2. Torrance Marshall Makes the Play of His Life (2000)

Oklahoma had been struggling the entire game against Texas A&M, and their No. 1 ranking was on the line, until Torrance Marshall stepped in front of a pass. 

With OU trailing 31-28, Marshall picked off a Farris pass, and returned it 42 yards to preserve OU's title run.


1. Superman (2001)

Is there any play more discussed in the Stoops era than this one? It is probably one of the most noticeable defensive plays of the decade. Even with OU's defense dominating the entire game, OU was only up 7-3 when Texas took over on their own 3-yard-line. 

Earlier in the game, Roy Williams had jumped over the line to make a play and got hurt, so Coach Stoops plainly told him to not leave his feet again.

It's a good thing that Roy was a bad student. Texas was hoping for a miracle drive when Roy Williams dove over the line, hit Chris Simms arm, and forced an interception which Teddy Lehman returned for a over!


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