T-Wolves: Best Available Lineup Since The Draft

Timber WolfAnalyst IIJuly 10, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - FEBRUARY 08:  Brian Cardinal #14 of the Minnesota Timberwolves  grabs a shot over Devin Brown #23 of the New Orleans Hornets on February 8, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

I'm sorry, but, if there are any of you Timberwolves fans that really like some of our bench warmers, say good bye to them.

There's nothing worse on a losing team than complete dead weight, and the Minnesota Timberwolves have an incredibly high level of lower level players.

The free agents for the Timberwolves are Kevin Ollie, Rodney Carney, Jason Collins, and Shelden Williams.

Ollie is a point guard, and we don't need any more of them. Collins, a big 7-footer, plays like he is 5'1'' because the guy does nothing with all of that height.  Williams is one of the worst draft picks of all time, but Carney, the jewel of the Timberwolves free agents, actually should be resigned, but won't be.

Although Carney is a stud who excels on the fastbreak, and became a better three-point shooter.

David Kahn feels that in order to address the SG and SF situation, you need guys to do more than one or two things. For this reason, Carney will not be resigned, and it's disappointing.

The sad thing about it though? Despite having four players come off the roster, the roster still has 16 players.

That means that some players will have to be waived or traded due to the fact that you can only have 15 players on the roster. Candidates for waiving only include Bobby Brown at this point, which is very plausible due to the fact that he's only owed $700,000 next year.

Brown is a point guard who was a backup for Sebastian Telfair and Ollie.

The tradeable prospects include: Brian Cardinal, Craig Smith, Darius Songaila, Telfair and Craig Smith.

Cardinal is most likely going to be kept or thrown in a BS trade. Songaila could be traded to a team that desparately needs a jump shooter. Telfair most likely will be kept through half the season, with Jonny Flynn and possibly Rubio seeing time at the point guard spot, Telfair will demand a trade.

Smith is interesting due to the fact that he scores points in bunches, and I think the Wolves will keep him through half the season, and longer if he develops a perimeter game.

Smith can score in the post, but Kevin Love and Al Jefferson have that down pat. The Wolves need perimeter shooters.

Mark Madsen should be kept due to the fact that he hypes up the crowd, and really gets his teamates going, and that's something the Wolves need.

The best possible roster that the Wolves can turn up right now looks like this:






Assuming Rubio Plays....Which is Now a Possibility.

But I doubt this is the roster that will be present during the season. I think that there's going to be a trade involving Flynn going to another team if Rubio comes to the Timberwolves and they cannot work out playing side by side. Both are playmakers, and do not excel in scoring just yet.

Flynn is the more likely to be traded if Rubio comes to Minnesota next year. I do think that Corey Brewer is going to make an instant impact on the defensive end, and was developing into a good perimeter shooter for his first 15 games before he got injured.

I think the best possible roster for next year with our current players, to play the absolute best will be:

PG- Rubio/Telfair

SG- Gomes/Ellington


PF- Love/Thomas

C- Jefferson/Pecherov

The starting five have a point guard who can really dish the ball out to the likes of Gomes. Gomes is a catch and shoot player, who shot a very respectable percentage from the three-point line last year, and is only getting better.

Wayne Ellington could possibly become the starter if Brewer does not work out at SF, and Gomes is forced to play SF.

Ellington is intriguing, and he's a clutch three-point shooter. He's not far from sharpshooter status, but he's no slouch behind there either. I look for Ellington to develop into a perennial three-point shooter, due to the chip on his shoulder.

If Brewer does play well, he will start, and he will be our defensive leader.

Love and Jefferson will suffer horribly on defense in the post, but if Brewer is helping lock down the offense, it won't be incredibly hard to defend.

Jefferson's block totals have gone up every year, and Love is developing a perimeter game. Both are rebounding kings, and they could average 20 rebounds easily together.

Putting Gomes at SG would be beneficial. Remember Gomes is a 6'7'' SF/PF. He has the strength and wingspan to play power forward, and he does it very well. But putting him at SG/SF really makes him a valuable player. He can lock down shooting guards with his wingspan of 7'2''.

Rubio at the point would mean that he would easily be able to dominate point guards in time. He's 6'4'' and could grow to be 6'6'' with shoes by the age of 21. A tall point guard who can distribute, there's nothing better than that.

Pecherov is someone I wish we had Kevin McHale for. This guy has height, and we could use him. He's going to be lucky to get any minutes if he keeps shooting jumpers all the time.

Thomas is going to make the Wolves tougher physically. Thomas is simply put "a banger".

In Conclusion

Overall the second roster makes the Wolves tall up front, and small in the post. If the Wolves can get a solid seven-footer like Brook Lopez, the Wolves could dominate.

The Wolves have some offensive issues with the guards, but Gomes and Brewer, not to mention Wayne Ellington are all still developing.

But I wouldn't mind this roster, considering Brewer is healthy, contributing, and continuing to grow as a player. This is by no means a championship team.

The Wolves would need Al Jefferson at PF, a true center, Rubio to become the hype he's hyped about, Gomes to become a versatile player and sharpshooter, and some more role players, before they become a championship team.

With the roster, are the Wolves playoff material? Maybe. If Al Jefferson averages 20-10 and Kevin Love averages 10-10, and Ricky Rubio is a 12-6 guy with Gomes and Brewer continuing to develop and Ellington becoming a solid two-guard.... Yes. But then again, the word "if", is only a word.


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