UFC, NSAC Investigating Jones-Cormier Scuffle to Decide Possible Punishment

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2014

Jon Jones
Jon JonesUSA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier could both face penalties following a fight that broke out in the MGM Grand lobby on Monday at a media event for UFC 178.

Everything started with a customary staredown to promote one of the year's biggest title fights before escalating into thrown punches, flying set pieces and a massive dog pile on the lobby floor.

The carnage ended with Cormier being pulled back by security personnel and the light heavyweight champ standing in the middle of all the chaos, releasing a war cry for tons of shocked and excited fans.

Without beating around the bush, it's obvious that this kind of pre-fight drama is great for promotion and will likely help UFC 178 turn in a huge profit. But there is still a code of conduct and professionalism expected from every fighter on the UFC roster.

UFC Chief Legal Officer Kirk Hendrick told UFC.com that there would be ramifications for Jones and Cormier's actions:

This is certainly not a proud moment for the UFC organization. We expect more from our athletes, especially these two gentlemen, who are very well-trained and highly educated professionals.  Their actions were clearly a violation of the UFC's code of conduct.

There are going to be ramifications. Whether you're the champion, or this is your first fight in the UFC, there are going to be ramifications from the UFC for these actions.

According to UFC.com, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has requested a video copy of Monday's scuffle. The UFC is providing full cooperation and hopes to come to an early resolution on any possible penalties handed down to both fighters.

UFC President Dana White, who is currently on vacation in Bora Bora, hasn't released any public statements regarding the incident, but he did upload the video of the scuffle on his Instagram.

Fortunately for the UFC, nobody was injured in the brief skirmish, and Jones and Cormier were on their best behavior in dual interviews on ESPN SportsCenter and Fox Sports Live.

Here's to hoping the UFC averts Round 2 at the UFC 178 Q&A on Tuesday.


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