Independent Leaguer Makes Catch of the Year in Deep Center Field

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 5, 2014


New Jersey Jackals center fielder Alonzo Harris pulled off an over-the-shoulder catch some are comparing to Willie Mays' famous grab during the 1954 World Series.

Now, we're not ready to get into that kind of blasphemy, but Lord, Harris' snag still is a thing of beauty.

The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas caught wind of the catch, which occurred during a recent Can-Am division matchup with the Rockland Boulders.

The catch came after Boulders catcher Joe Maloney pieced a ball deep into center field. There was no way Harris would make the catch cleanly. His hips were turned. He was heading for the horizon, or more immediately, a taste-testing of the center-field wall.

Somehow, Harris hit the brakes, caught the ball wide receiver-style and hopped up to show off his prize. Meanwhile, Maloney continued to run the bases, unaware that the outfielder made the play.

It was a spectacular get for Harris—ridiculous enough for the home team Boulders to upload it to YouTube with the title "Greatest CF catch since Willie Mays 9/29/54."

I'm not willing to go that far, but I will call Harris' grab a front-runner for baseball catch of the year.

Catching a baseball over your right shoulder with your left hand is like bare-handing an otter out of a whitewater rapid—impressive and inadvisable all at once.

Congrats, Alonzo. Even your opponents lapse into hyperbole watching you play.


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