UFC 100: Power Versus Finesse

Matt St. JeanContributor IJuly 10, 2009

Ever since the card came out a few months ago, every mixed-martial-arts fanatic has been impatiently waiting for July 11 to arrive. A day from now, it is going to arrive and millions of people will drop what they are doing to flock to the nearest sports bar or recline the lazy boy and press the buy button on their pay-per-view box.

With all these high expectations surrounding the three marque bouts, is there any chance for a letdown? Not a chance.

What can we expect out of this fight between two complete opposite fighters from the Ultimate Fighter captains?

Bisbing is going to be moving around a lot to try to avoid the one hit wonder power of Henderson who will be looking for the knockout and was quoted during the season of TUF that we could not wait for the fight to arrive to let his fists do the talking and shut Bisbing.

It will be an uphill battle for Henderson, as very few people have been able to figure out how to stop the quick onslaught of punches that Bisbing brings to table. As inaccurate as Henderson can be throwing his punches, it could be tough for him to connect with one to send Bisbing reeling.

However, if Henderson does manage to catch the fleet footed Bisbing with a punch, then it could be a short night for Bisbing, as Henderson is vicious on the ground and pound. I paid pretty close attention to the Ultimate Fighter, and a few fights that I have seen Henderson and Bisbing and it is really a toss up.

Since it is a battle of two different styles it is going to be the man who gets into the Octogon and asserts his style as the dominant one. If Bisbing keeps this fight off the ground, he will have a good chance to take the unanimous decision at the end of the fight, because I cannot see Bisbing winning by submission or knocking Henderson out.

Henderson is obviously looking for the knockout and if he gets the slightest chance to put Bisbing's eyes in the back of his head he will not waste the opportunity. Henderson also holds an advantage on the ground and if he gets the fight to the ground he can really exert his power and his ground and pound game.

This will be a tough one to win for Bisbing, and I am going to take the power of Henderson over the quickness and finesse of Bisbing. It is only a matter of time before the heavy hands of Henderson catch the darting Bisbing, and Henderson will win this one via knockout in the second round.

The next fight has the potential to be the fight of the night when the underdog Thiago Alves faces off against Georges St. Pierre. Alves is one the quickest rising superstars in the UFC and has been tearing through his division, landing knockout after knockout. He will be the toughest opponent that GSP has faced yet.

People have said, "Well what about BJ Penn?" Penn fights in a very similar way as GSP, but GSP is the best at what he does and is more powerful then Penn as he completely dominated him in the two fights they had against each other.

Alves will arrive at the Octogon a solid 20 to 30 pounds more than GSP, and as a result, GSP will be forced to rely on his outstanding technical skill to cancel out Alves' advantage in power.

Alves' stand up is fantastic, the knockouts that I have watched were just ruthless. Matt Hughes did not stand a chance and he is one of the better fighters to have fought in the UFC.

No matter how good Alves's stand up is, I just cannot believe that GSP will be as easy to be knocked out. GSP is diabolical when it comes to fights, that if Alves makes one mistake, it could mean the end of him.

I have watched many fights where GSP just puts on a clinic in submissions and he throws vicious elbows. With all the hype surrounding Alves with his knockout power and his great ground game it almost feels like he is the favorite, unfortunately for Alves it will not be enough.

Since Alves has to spend all of his time and energy before the weigh in to try to make weight GSP will have a conditioning advantage of Alves which will be turn out to the crucial turning point in the fight.

Alves is going to make an aggressive mistake, GSP is going to catch it and make him pay. GSP wins via submission in the third round in a thriller.

Now on to the main event that has everybody buzzing, ever since Frank Mir defeated Nogueira by a knock out after dominating him the entire fight.

However, Brock Lesnar is not Minotauro. Lesnar's meteoric rise to the top of the UFC heavyweight division has been partly because of his increasing skill as an MMA fighter and because he draws huge crowds.

Brock Lesnar likes to see himself as part fighter, part entertainer. This could be a result from his days in the WWE. No matter where he came from the man is a force to be reckoned with. I have never seen a man with such size, pure strength and quickness in my life.

In the Couture fight, Lesnar landed a jab behind the Natural's ear that sent Randy sprawling across the mat, and then not a split second later, Lesnar was on top of him, landing his signature hammer fists before the ref had to step in and stop the fight.

Anybody else's punch Couture would have shrugged it off and kept on fighting, but Lesnar put him flat on the canvas.

Frank Mir poses the biggest threat in Lesnar's early career in the MMA simply because he exposed his weakness in UFC 81 when Lesnar got too aggressive and got submitted by a simple leg lock.

Many months and two victories later Lesnar is ready to avenge his victory but Mir is more difficult to figure out in the Octagon as well as out. Lesnar being the showman as he is has been trash talking and Mir has not missed a beat.

Mir has not backed down from Lesnar and after the victory over Nogueira he pointed right at Lesnar in the front row and shouted, "You're next!" A fan of anything has got to love this because it takes you back to your days on the playground when you are talking trash to the kids in the knockout line or firing a shot past the goalie and letting them know what's good.

When the ref (hopefully Big John because he is the man) claps his hands and shouts, "GET IT ON! COME ON!" Mir will not stand a chance. This is going to be the quickest fight of the night. Lesnar is still to powerful and quick for Mir and now he has more experience and will not fall into a stupid submission like he did the first time around.

Lesnar's striking has increased exponentially over his past fights and he will not even have to rain down hammer fists on Mir because Mir will be knocked out standing up. Part of me wants to see Lesnar submit Mir, but that would be a very stupid attempt as Mir's Jiu-Jitsu is the best in the heavyweight division.

Lesner is going to win this fight by knockout in the first round and will become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion in the UFC after only five fights.

I am so pumped for tomorrow night. Dana White has outdone himself in this one and he will leave the arena with his typical, "My name is Dana and I am the s***." Get your popcorn, beer, vodka, Jack, weed or whatever your thing is ready because tomorrow night will be a night to remember.


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