Why Arsenal Should Sell Francesc Fabregas

Matthew MaloneyCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2009

The rumors never go away and neither will the interest from Spain's biggest clubs. It is now just not a question of if, but when Fabregas will end up playing in La Liga.

So why not cash in?

Recently Arsenal were outbid by Juventus in the race to Felipe Melo. Can Arsenal sustain any more failures in this crucial transfer market for them this summer? Here are some reasons why I think l'Arsenal should sell Fabregas:

  • Selling Fabregas would guarantee around €30-40m to spend on other players. Usmanov's latest plan to inject some of his own money into the club has failed. Selling Fabregas would present the lesser of two evils in terms of generating finances for many Gunners.
  • Fabregas just isn't the player everybody thinks he is or at least isn't allowed to be that player by opposing teams anymore. People have caught on to him and he is no longer seen as a kid anymore. Of course it also doesn't help that Arsene persists in playing him as a support striker or trequirista, meaning he can be crowded out at times. Why? I. Do. Not. Know. Cesc himself has said numerous times he feels more natural in an Alonso/Pirlo like role in front of the back 4. Even so, in my opinion it's clear Arsenal's title hopes simply don't hinge on his individual performances such as Gerrard's at Liverpool or Lampard's at Chelsea.
  • Arsenal need a new captain. Probably Arsenal's biggest mistake after putting the armband on William 'Weepy' Gallas was to give it to the shy and unassuming Fabregas in 2008. Fabregas is just too much of a nice guy and seems like somebody who would collect manga as opposed to somebody you'd go to war with. Does the 22-year-old Barcelona youth product Fabregas really distill all the values and ethos of Arsenal football club into his fellow teammates during his team speeches or team bonding sessions? His English is passable, at best! Any other big club and that scenario above would sound like a Little Britain scene.
  • Arsenal need to get the media off their backs. How destabilizing and annoying has it been for Wenger to have to constantly swat this issue away at press conferences for the last three years? How do junior players feel about their captain thinking about bailing out and running home? Ferguson was correct when he sold Ronaldo and Beckham. Often the media circus and annoyance factor of having everything centre on an individual over team preparations and events can become too much.
  • The player wants to leave but is only staying for Wenger. Reading between the lines, I think Fabregas feels indebted to Wenger for introducing him to the game and giving him his chance. People now take it for granted that Wenger favors youth. Back when Arsenal captain and legend Patrick Vieira left, replacing him with an 18-year-old was seen as an almighty gamble and a huge vote of confidence in the youngster. Perhaps, if Fabregas was rational like Pique or greedier like Reyes, I wouldn't be here writing this and he'd already be in Spain. The fact remains when Wenger was being linked with Madrid, Fabregas implied he would leave; showing he's feels nothing for the club itself.

Other thoughts: Since Fabregas has become a first team regular after Vieira's departure Arsenal have won nothing...Perhaps Marik Hamsik of Napoli or Andrei Arshavin in midfield would provide more of a direct penalty area threat...Arsenal: North London YMCA branch or football club?...No matter how hard Aragones and Del Bosque have tried Spain can't find a natural role for Fabregas in the international team...Peop Guardiola may leave when his contract is up at Barcelona which raises the question:

Anyone for Wenger (and Fabregas) at the Camp Nou? Me too.