WWE Night Of Champions vs. TNA Victory Road: Which Should You Watch?

Ben SampsonCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

Warning: May contain spoilers. Read at own risk.

Has this question been on your mind: "Should I watch WWE Night of Champions, or TNA Victory Road?"

Well, I may have your answer to this puzzling question, as I will analyze both match cards for Night of Champions and Victory Road. Without further ado, let's see what I recommend for your ailing problem:


WWE Night of Champions

This event, known also as Vengeance, Vengeance: Night of Champions, or simply NoC, is an event where every WWE championship is defended, an unprecedented feat in the harebrained world of professional wrestling.

While it is a revolutionary idea, the WWE creative team seems to make the same matches at every pay-per-view, which lowers the event's value.

As of right now, the card contains the following matches:

Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H vs. John Cena: Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy: World Heavyweight Championship

Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian: ECW Championship

Maryse (c) vs. Mickie James: Divas Championship

Chris Jericho & Edge (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase: Unified Tag Team Championship

Other matches that may be added to the match card:

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler: Intercontinental Championship

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Evan Bourne vs. the Big Show: United States Championship

Michelle McCool (c) vs. Melina: Women's Championship

Let's look at each match and see how they appeal to wrestling fans:

WWE Championship match

Isn't too appealing, since Orton vs. Triple H has been going on since Orton's departure from Evolution, but adding Cena to the mix could help out, as Orton vs. Cena was quite solid.

Nonetheless, there will need to be a lot of build-up to pull this one off, as Orton vs. Triple H is now something you usually expect. The winner is most likely Orton.


World Heavyweight Championship match

I'm not surprised this match was made. McMahon wants Hardy as a main-eventer, but if you won't give him the title or give him the title and change your mind, then why even have him fighting CM Punk?

If Hardy is or isn't champion, you'll still make money from his merchandise. I see Punk winning with Hardy's contract in jeopardy, and John Morrison taking over as the No. 1 babyface at Summerslam.

ECW Championship match

Doesn't sound too appealing as of late, with very little promo time between Christian and Dreamer, and ECW being cleaned out of its budding talent, replacing them with people nobody can seem to use (except for Benjamin, who could finally have a major title run). Anything could happen in this match, but I see Dreamer retaining.

Divas Championship match

The ECW Championship has more hype than this. The Divas are now in filler matches. With Mickie James winning contendership about two weeks ago, we haven't seen any promos, and it seems unlikely that there will be any.

More build-up would lead to believe that Mickie James could become the second woman to hold both female titles, but I see Maryse retaining.

Unified Tag Team Championship match

With Edge's injury keeping him out of action until 2010, no one knows what will happen, as the WWE has been hush-hush about the situation. A good move, as this creates amazing build-up for the match.

Rumors have been going around about Jericho having a new partner to defend the titles, but it seems unlikely, as the only person who could help is Christian, but he is trying to regain ECW's prize jewel.

DiBiase/Rhodes could go over, or they might pull the same thing at last's year Night Of Champions; Rhodes or DiBiase could turn on the other and join Jericho, or they win the titles and feud with the Hart Dynasty/Cryme Tyme.

What about my predicted matches? Let's see what would go down if they were confirmed:


Intercontinental Championship match

With Ziggler's attack on Mysterio yesterday after the Mysterio/Jericho match, it is most likely that both men will face each other at NoC, since rumors have stated Ziggler going after the IC title. I see Mysterio keeping the title, as he just won it at the Bash, and Ziggler winning it potentially in the future.


Women's Championship match

Just like the Divas Championship match, only with more hype, like matches between McCool and Melina. McCool would retain her title; she is in the same position as Mysterio, having claimed the title at the Bash.


US title match

Kingston has held the title for a month and 10 days which is considered a good reign nowadays, but I could see him pinning Evan Bourne after overcoming The Big Show.

There could be gold in a Bourne/Kofi, as Bourne tends to do well being a heel. Look out for either of these young guns making a turn.

The card has its ups and downs, but it could turn out to be good if the stars are used correctly.


Victory Road 2009

The fifth event under the name TNA Victory Road, this pay-per-view shows the aftershock of Slammiversary and makes sure that TNA still sizzles in the summer.

Let's take a look at the Victory Road match card:

Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mick Foley: TNA World Heavyweight Championship

A.J. Styles (c) vs. Kevin Nash: TNA Legends Championship

Beer Money (c) (James Storm & Robert Roode) vs. Harlem Pump (Booker T vs. Scott Steiner): TNA World Tag Team Championship

Samoa Joe vs. Sting

Jenna Morasca vs. Sharmell

Matt Morgan vs. Daniels

Some matches I see also being on the card in the meantime. CONTAINS SPOILERS. CONTINUE AT OWN RISK:

X Division Championship: Homicide (c) vs. Suicide: Homicide will cash in on next episode of TNA Impact and win (pre-taped)

Tara (c) vs. Angelina Love (or Velvet Sky): TNA Knockouts Championship

Match Analysis:

Angle/Foley: I don't see this match as very good, but Mick has been talking about preparing intensely for the match as to not disappoint, so if he does manage to improve, this could be a great match for TNA.

Seeing as how Angle has just won the TNA Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary 7, it's most likely he will retain, as title changes do not occur repeatedly in TNA.

Styles/Nash: Like the main event, this does not sound exciting, but if A.J. can make Kevin look good and vice-versa, then Styles can drop the title and become much more involved in the main event scene, and Nash can help put over younger guys to help their credibility as wrestlers.

Winner: New Legends Champion Kevin Nash.

Beer Money vs. Harlem Pump: Although Beer Money has just won the titles, this sounds like it could be an awesome match.

A budding tag team in Storm/Roode, and a team with experience in Steiner/Booker, could play out quite nicely. In the end, Beer Money will retain, setting up a longer feud.

Joe/Sting: This has had great build-up ever since the initiation of the Main Event Mafia, with Joe opposing them.

Now that both men have switched roles, the hype continues to be good, but this could become an over-hyped if the match is not pulled off. Using interference from MEM, Joe will probably win, but Sting could take the W as well.

Sharmell/Jenna: Like the women's title matches, this is just a filler match. I don't see it going anywhere, and it seems to be just a catfight. I'd like to see who can sway the Main Event Mafia, though. As of now, Jenna could take the win.

Daniels/Morgan: No real hype for this match either, but if there is just enough, and the match is good, Daniels will move up in the TNA food chain, and Morgan can show the Mafia just how talented he is.

I see Morgan winning, but only to impress the Mafia, although Daniels could benefit from a loss.


Predicted Match Analysis:

Homicide/Suicide: This could be a great high-flying match, but with no hype, it seems dead. Like Daniels/Morgan, if build-up is given before Victory Road, then it could be quite good.

Tara/Angelina or Velvet: With this match having build-up from the moment Tara stepped into a TNA ring, this sounds like a great match.

The Beautiful People are tearing at the seams, with Sky infuriated that she wasn't saved from a tarantula placed on her sculpted body, which could work out well for Tara. Because Tara just won the title, there is no reason for her not to retain.

Sounds likes a great card, but could be amazing if used properly, like NoC.


The Verdict:

While WWE has great build-up, they haven't shown it due to the ongoing creative problems. TNA has great wrestling, and some of their matches for Victory Road sounds awesome.

I'd go with Victory Road because of the solid wrestling.

Thank you for reading!



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