Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone vs. FOTA: How the War Will End

PaulSenior Writer IJuly 12, 2009

So much has been written about the FOTA/FIA/Bernie war, that fans are sick of it. Unless this thing is settled soon, the impact on F1 will be far reaching.

The hardcore fan base will turn away from their beloved F1. Now I will say I am sure that the majority of fans would follow the split, without any doubt. Take no notice of the F1 sites that attack FOTA and in the same breath Ferrari.

They are a part of the Bernie boys, if Bernie goes so does their power. With their regurgitated, warmed over F1 news and mantra, these sites need to prove their worth. At the moment they survive by silly gossip and rumors, full of fluff and no real substance.

Ok, the following are some points of the current situation and what is going to happen. Yes you can quote me, I will be right!

Bernie Ecclestone does not own F1. (his stake is 10 percent)

The FIA does not own F1, yes they have power, but there hold is weak at best.

FOTA are not going to go away. Although they hold the key to the power.

There will not be a split.

Repeat there will not be a split!

Max will not be the President of the FIA for another term.

Bernie is about to get his wings clipped at best, or removed from F1 all together.

There is going to be a new era for F1, the fans will be the focal point.

The real owners of F1 will settle with FOTA and real changes will follow.

The real owners of F1 are CVC.

If you do not agree, step up and say what will happen, just as I have. Don't just be a bag of hot air. Am I another Nostradamus? Not at all, however I do have more than enough business sense to know that these people (FOTA/CVC) are business people and there are no other options.

The owners of CV cannot afford a split, so they will make this work. You can take that to the bank!