Crowder, Ryan and Belichick: Much To Do About Nothing?

Harlequin RowContributor IJuly 12, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 18:  Channing Crowder #52 of the Miami Dolphins looks on during the NFL game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on November 18, 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

In an Al and Peg Bundy-esque feud kind of worthy of headline attention, rookie head coach of the J-E-T-S, Rex Ryan, elected to take his newly appointed honor of "OTA Super Bowl winner" and make some celebratory comments in honor of himself.

On Wednesday, he responded to Miami Dolphin linebacker Channing Crowder's dubious compliment by spraying some of the fray in iconic Patriot coach Bill Belichick's face, to boot.

The original comment from Crowder was widely seen as a head play meant to subconsciously portray Ryan's knack for overworking the Jets in mini-camp because deep down he knows his team is not good enough to compete in the stacked AFC East.

The New York Media initially broke Gang Green's hectic practice schedule, seen by most to be par for the course given Rex Ryan's steadfast reputation.

But, Crowder, ever so much the valiant dictator of pride and punishment off and on the field, respectively, took the opportunity to introduce Ryan to the mouth of the South.

Brilliant if the Jets can't take the heat in Miami; disgraceful if they leave cake batter all over the kitchen walls.

As for Crowder, Dolphin fans love him and everyone else, well... let's just say they do not, and the boo-birds are no strangers to East Rutherford as it is when the Fish swim into town.

Crowder did set a career high in tackles with 113 in 2008. Most impressive was his improvement in defending the run.

He's a vital cog opposite Joey Porter at inside linebacker.

Both guys are known for erratically speaking their minds, but backing it up.

With regard to Rex Ryan's spontaneous verbal upchucking, well, we'll see if his team is ready to win, or to simply "kiss Bill Belichick's rings".

Commenting on Channing Crowder's tattoos is one thing.

Going after a legendary coach as successful as you want to be someday (and as your father was) is just foolish.

What does Ryan expect to do?... jar Bill Belichick via some off-season spat?

Champions are too cool for this.

Belichick responded to Ryan's comment with a simple turn of his shoulder blade.


The fact of the matter is Ryan's comment tried to belittle Belichick's achievements, so, one good turn deserves another, right?

If Ryan wants to note another man's success in such a coy gesture, he should do so only by mentioning how much more success that man has had than him. That's perspective my friends, and that's how you win a debate.

Ryan is a rookie head coach, not a rookie coach all together.

Belichick has four Super Bowl rings from all his coaching experience.  One of those came as a defensive coordinator for the 1986 Giants.

Ryan has nothing. Losers talk, and apparently winners shrug their shoulders. Case in point.

So, what have we learned today?

The next time somebody insults you, instead of reciting that lame "sticks and stones" line from Pee-Wee's Playhouse (I never used this quote, I swear), just simply shrug off your adversary.

It will remind him of the coolness he lacks.

Man, somewhere in his bachelor pad, Joe Namath is drinking a Colt-45, not happy at all.

You know he was chillier than James Dean meets Steve McQueen when he made that Super Bowl III prediction. Ryan should've taken note before getting off the Palisades.

So allow me, in closing, to thank you very much, Rex, for again making Belichick look better than everybody else (and it's only July!).

For more on this "swoon in June" (alright, you think of something appropriate that rhymes with July) and direct quotes, check out...,+Team+Owners,





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