War Machine Police Report: Fighter Threatened to Kill Christy Mack, Corey Thomas

John HeinisSenior Analyst IAugust 19, 2014

Screencap from TapNapSnap.com

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's report of War Machine's violent encounter with porn star love interest Christy Mack on August 9 is now public and, as unfortunately expected, many of the details are gruesome. 

Tap Nap Snap was the first media outlet to release the four-page document, which confirms that former "Megan Wants a Millionaire" contestant Corey Thomas was the third party involved in the alleged bloody beating and that he had been dating Mack. 

According to the report, Christine Mackinday, Mack's real name, and War Machine had been dating for 15 months and Mack identified War Machine as "her boyfriend," despite previously stating the couple broke up in May (NSFW).

Thomas said he had been dating Mack for "2 to 3 months," though they were not engaged in any sexual activity when the alleged attack took place. 

Mack told the authorities that her horrific injuries (NSFW) occurred from War Machine, a professional mixed martial artist for close to a decade, punching her in the face, then kicking her while she was on the ground. 

"Mackinday stated Koppenhaver threatened to kill her and took her cell phone so she could not call police," authorities said, later writing that she escaped when she heard War Machine—identified in the report by his birth name: Jon Koppenhaver—going through kitchen drawers. 

This conflicts with the story she tweeted along with the aforementioned hospital photos, stating that War Machine cut off parts of her hair with a dull knife.

Based on Thomas' account of the matter, the attack was initially focused on him, getting punched in the face "approximately 15 times" after War Machine burst into Mack's bedroom. 

After nearly getting choked unconscious, Thomas was pinned to the ground and hit in the face again before being asked to leave, with War Machine stating he'd have his friends kill Thomas if he told anyone about the incident, police said. 

Thomas "suffered a bone fracture and multiple contusions," according to the report, with Mack adding that Thomas was bleeding "profusely" when he left the house. 

Despite few, if any, details appearing to be in the ex-Bellator welterweight's favor, War Machine has already pleaded his innocence on Twitter

After a week of being on the run from police, War Machine was finally captured on Friday in a cooperative effort between U.S. Marshals and Simi Valley police, per KTLA

As MMA Mania reported shortly after the arrest, the 19-fight cage veteran is scheduled to appear in California Super Court on Tuesday. 

War Machine has previously served jail time for an out-of-control bar brawl back in 2010, per TMZ Sports

Friends, family and fans of Mack can at least find a little comfort in the fact that over $76,000 has been raised to cover her medical bills on her Give Forward page. 

Stay tuned to Bleacher Report for the latest developments in this ongoing legal matter. 


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