Examining How WWE Can Better Utilize Cesaro's Skills

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 19, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Cesaro is more than the role player WWE is using him to be now.

A wrestler capable of great matches, an athlete, a powerhouse and a mat master, Cesaro is miles from his ceiling while the company relegates him to an unimportant piece of its programming. That can be fixed.

Finding an alliance for him, bettering his record and reuniting him with his greatest rival are tweaks that could take him from disappointing to prosperous.

Even without a babyface turn, WWE has numerous options to better capitalize on one of its best talents.

After WrestleMania, it seemed as if it would be Cesaro's year. He won the first Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, had fans roaring each time he used the Cesaro Swing and joined the list of wrestlers to be under Paul Heyman's tutelage. 

As Greg Parks of PWTorch pointed out, that momentum he had is gone:

The following is a look at how to rekindle the fire that has since petered out.

The Authority's Muscle

Triple H has a lot of agendas and a lot of enemies. He needs help in throttling them all.

The Swiss strongman tried to smash Dean Ambrose on July 21 in order to impress the COO. 

It looked as if WWE had found a smart way to transition Cesaro out of his time with Heyman and into a new phase. He was the daunting hurdle in Ambrose's way, a mercenary looking to earn his next gig.

After a few bouts between Ambrose and Cesaro, though, nothing came of that storyline.

Having Cesaro return to that narrative and officially join The Authority would give him instant direction.

He can be a part of Roman Reigns' feud with Triple H and company, for one. Reigns needs to prove he can go in longer matches. Pitting him against Cesaro all but guarantees quality in-ring action.

To protect Cesaro while keeping Reigns' momentum going, some of the clashes can end in no-contests or with The King of Swing simply ignoring the referee's warnings and getting disqualified. It would be an interesting element to have him care more about hurting Reigns than winning.

In addition, Cesaro can battle any one who speaks up against The Game's tyranny.

Triple H isn't going to wrestle on a regular basis. Cesaro can stand in his place.

Cesaro stretches his neck mid-battle with John Cena.
Cesaro stretches his neck mid-battle with John Cena.Credit: WWE.com

WWE can present him as a more dangerous figure by having him take out Triple H's enemies.

Should Adam Rose run his mouth backstage with Triple H, he would soon find himself in a No Disqualification match against Cesaro. Cesaro can hurt him, continually uppercutting him after the bell. The same story can play out for any of the midcard's babyfaces. 

This angle doesn't require WWE to construct anything from scratch. 

It gives Cesaro a reason to punish people, making him more predator than pushover. The move also would give him more chances to do what he does best—fight.

Make Him the Resident Brawler, Let Him Win More

Give Cesaro the spot on Raw and SmackDown that requires a lengthy match. Put him in the ring with a bruiser and let them just clobber each other.

Whether that means pitting him against Sheamus or Big E, WWE can be certain it will get a physical, compelling clash.

One only has to flash back to May 13 to see Cesaro thriving in that kind of bout. He and The Celtic Warrior pounded on each other outside the ring. Eventually, the referees had to pull them apart.

It was a fantastic showing, one that highlighted each man's abilities.

Cesaro needs more matches like this. WWE's weekly TV programming needs more matches like this, especially with Bad News Barrett, who specialized in such brutal contests, out with a shoulder injury.

Rather than build up Cesaro as a gladiator worth fearing, WWE has Cesaro fall victim to others too regularly. It's made a potential Superman too ordinary.

From June to August, per CageMatch.net, he has won just four singles matches and lost 13 times.

Fans are continually seeing images of him suffering defeat. He doesn't need to go undefeated, but a .235 winning percentage isn't impressing anyone. That's on the Philadelphia 76ers' level of losing.

Faltering that often takes away from his aura as a threat. 

Have him beat people down and be one of the harder outs on the roster. There are plenty of other wrestlers who can play the jobber role.

You don't ask a badass to be a punching bag.


Call Up His Archenemy 

Despite their lack of chemistry, WWE has paired Cesaro with Rob Van Dam in eight singles matches during RVD's latest run, per ProFightDB.com. Their styles haven't meshed, and neither man is producing the kind of excellence they normally do because of it.

Meanwhile, NXT is home to a man who has absolutely electric energy opposite Cesaro: Sami Zayn.

Their rivalry has the potential to be one of WWE's best ever. Each time they collide, they create an instant classic.

Fans saw that most recently at NXT Arrival. 

This isn't the first time that these two have delivered a Match of the Year candidate. They produced a spectacular 2-out-of-3 Falls match last August and flourished together when they were in Ring of Honor, known then as El Generico and Claudio Castagnoli. 

Any time WWE wishes, it can restart this feud and assure itself sparks aplenty.

Cesaro has delivered some of his best work against Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Zayn. Bryan is out indefinitely with multiple injuries, and Cena will be busy with Brock Lesnar for the time being. Zayn is an option WWE can turn to at any point.

He proves that he's main-roster ready each week at NXT. Calling him up would be a career-changer for Cesaro.

WWE only has to take the first steps for Cesaro to progress. Get him the Rey Mysterio to his Eddie Guerrero, give him a reason to smash into people and give him the ring time to do so properly. 

The King of Swing will take it from there, making the mat his canvas, splattering a violent masterwork atop it.


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