WWE SummerSlam 2014 Results: Superstars Who Gained the Most in Defeat

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistAugust 19, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

SummerSlam 2014 provided plenty in the way of drama, with a number of top stars seeing their positions within the WWE roster change dramatically.

At the top, we had a new world heavyweight champion crowned, with John Cena likely to remain in hiding for some time after his beating at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

But not every defeat on the card at SummerSlam was terminal, and some losing competitors have gained a great deal in the way of defeat. That could be an increase in popularity or merely a loss that enables their storylines to develop further. Which stars gained the most from a loss at SummerSlam?



Cesaro could probably take more from the fact that he was appearing on the pre-show at SummerSlam than any of his other activity across the last few months.

Since his watershed moment at WrestleMania, things have simply not gone to plan for the Swiss star. He's been on a horrendous run, barely getting any TV time at all. And when he does, he more often than not finds himself on the end of a defeat.

But perhaps this loss to Rob Van Dam at SummerSlam could be a turning point. After all, he backed up the following night on Raw by beating Jack Swagger. OK, it wasn't a clean victory, but that night at SummerSlam could be a real defining moment. If he gets another win in the next week or two, that loss (in a highly entertaining match, by the way) could be pivotal.


AJ Lee

The hottest rivalry to hit the Divas division in some time kept on giving at SummerSlam, as AJ Lee and Paige continued their fascinating feud.

After the dross the Divas have served up throughout the first half of 2014, Lee must have felt incredibly relieved when she saw Paige make the breakthrough to the main roster just after WrestleMania. Since her return from her brief sabbatical the two have really brought the best out of each other, and dropping the belt to Paige is no great disaster.

It just adds another interesting subplot to the rivalry, with Lee now the one targeting gold instead of Paige. Had AJ gone on another incredibly long run as Divas Champion, it would have only hampered both her and Paige.

For once, she has a credible challenger who is more than capable of holding the belt. And that makes for one heck of a rivalry between the two.


Dean Ambrose

Simply put, there was no way either Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins was going to lose cleanly at SummerSlam. Pinning a loss of that type on either man could have seriously halted the momentum of this feud, which is potentially still in its infancy.

There's a long way to run yet, and having Ambrose be screwed by The Authority week after week is reminiscent to Daniel Bryan's treatment in the latter half of last year. He was constantly denied victory after victory on pay-per-view, which only made the crowd love him even more.

That seems to be happening with Ambrose, who is picking up some serious momentum as he and Rollins charge towards the main event scene in the WWE.

It happened again on Raw, which only proves that the WWE have seen the results Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority produced and are looking to do it all over again.