People in Sports Who Stopped Aging

Scott Janovitz@@BrainTrain9Featured ColumnistAugust 20, 2014

People in Sports Who Stopped Aging

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    Ray Allen and Reggie Miller stopped aging in the mid-'90's.
    Ray Allen and Reggie Miller stopped aging in the mid-'90's.Associated Press

    Most guys would kill to play sports professionally. If that couldn’t work, they wouldn’t mind getting paid to talk about them, either. And if these same guys could have absolutely everything in life just the way they want it, they’d probably look a whole lot younger, too.

    Let’s face it: No one wants to age. Time does gross things to the body. Hair falls from where you want it and somehow ends up in places it simply doesn’t belong, wrinkles and loose skin suddenly appear as if they’re under strict orders to do so, and “not fat” becomes the new skinny.

    So with all of that in mind, we’ve compiled a list to include the luckiest of individuals: pro athletes and sports personalities who have also done the unthinkable and managed to defy each of nature’s aforementioned realities. Really, then, we could have just as easily called the list “People we love to envy/hate," but no one wears bitter well.

    To be clear, points were awarded on a sliding scale that considered two things: the extent to which the person has fought off time (the less you've aged, the better) and how relatively impressive I consider the accomplishment (in other words, the older they are, the more credit they got). With that said, it’s with great excitement that we present to you our top 14 sports figures who, at some time or another, simply stopped aging.

14. Mike Golic

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    ESPN Radio's Mike Golic
    ESPN Radio's Mike GolicShea Walsh/Associated Press

    You would think working with Mike Greenberg five days a week would take its toll on a man, but somehow, some way, ESPN radio’s Mike Golic seems no worse for the wear.

    Aging affects people in different ways. Some lose their hair, others gain weight, most wrinkle and many misplace their minds. In Golic’s case, however, it’s been nothing but clear skies.

    At 51 years old, the former NFL DT maintains a full head of hair, a wrinkle-free face and a mostly clear mind. And, as far as weight goes, we give him a pass; Mike’s always been a bit…how do you say it? Heavy?

13. Rob Hennigan

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    Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan
    Orlando Magic GM Rob HenniganJohn Raoux/Associated Press

    Perhaps the least famous figure on the list, Rob Hennigan became the NBA’s youngest GM when he took over the Orlando Magic in 2012. At the time, he was 30, but looked closer to 20.

    Fast-forward two years and not a whole lot has changed. The Magic still stink (though they show a bit more promise) and Hennigan still looks like he just got back from recess.

    There’s no doubt, genetics are firmly on Rob’s side. He is, however, in charge of managing one of the NBA’s youngest and most inept teams, so perhaps we should check back here in a year or two.

12. Tom Brady

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    New England QB Tom Brady
    New England QB Tom BradyConnor Radnovich/Associated Press

    There are only a few certainties in life: It isn’t fair, and Tom Brady’s better than you.

    The New England Patriot QB got all the good toys, every red Skittle AND the last piece of pizza. Simply put, Brady’s acing life.

    Nine Pro Bowls, three Super Bowl rings and a smoking-hot model for a wife all at the age of 37 and while looking closer to 27.

    The Brady Train just keeps on rolling. And if you’re one of those guys who think it’s only a matter of time before things even themselves out, remember one thing: life isn’t fair.

11. Michael Strahan

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    Former NY Giant Michael Strahan
    Former NY Giant Michael StrahanTony Dejak/Associated Press

    As far as I’m concerned, Michael Strahan ceased to be relevant as soon as he began hanging with housewives. My mom, however, watches Live! With Kelly and Michael religiously and told me I had to include Strahan on the list.

    I did some gazing, and I have to say: My mother wasn’t wrong. At 42 years of age, the former Giant still looks the part of prolific sack specialist.

    Compare Strahan’s appearance today to his look in 2001—when he set the NFL record for sacks in a season—and the term "cryopreservation" smacks you right in the face.

    Absolutely nothing about Michael has changed. Not even the things that should, like that unavoidable gap between his two front teeth.

10. Kirk Herbstreit

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    ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit
    ESPN's Kirk HerbstreitAnonymous/Associated Press

    No one has it better than 45-year-old Kirk Herbstreit, the star of ESPN’s College GameDay. Surrounded by nothing but college football and adoring coeds, Herby has this whole “life” thing figured out.

    In a major way, Herbstreit has become the face of college football, and his youthful demeanor has hardly hurt the cause.

    For college football fans today, Herby’s face is to the eyes what Lou Holtz’s voice is to the ears: consistent, piercing and inescapable.

9-8. After Association: Isiah and Reggie

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    NBA commentator Reggie Miller
    NBA commentator Reggie MillerAssociated Press

    From guaranteed contracts to a soft cap, the NBA has always been good to its stars. And I hate to disagree with the legendary Notorious B.I.G.—who once eloquently proclaimed “Mo' money, mo' problems”—but wealth seems to do wonders for the “good-looking."

    At least that’s how I’m rationalizing the youthful looks of Isiah Thomas and Reggie Miller, who haven’t aged a bit since terrorizing the NBA in the '80s and '90s.

    Reggie’s 48 but looks closer to 28, and he could still torch the Knicks tomorrow if given the chance.

    Isiah, 53, barely looks human, with skin that remains as smooth as a porcelain doll's.

    Reggie’s jumper and Isiah’s dribble-drive forever gave their opponents nightmares. Their boyish complexions, however, are the kind of things dreams are made of.

7. Mike Tomlin

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    Steelers coach Mike Tomlin
    Steelers coach Mike TomlinJonathan Bachman/Associated Press

    People say coaching in the NFL is a 24-hour job, seven days a week. Something tells me, though, that Mike Tomlin gets plenty of sleep.

    The Super Bowl winning coach is still just 42 years old but remains the same intimidating physical specimen he was when he joined the league as an assistant coach in 2001.

    It’s almost as if he’s playing a trick on the world while kicking the crap out of Father Time.

    On second thought, it might be Tomlin’s parents—with cooperation from actor Omar Epps—who are playing the dirty trick.

    Really, someone should tell Mike he's got a brother.

6. Bob Costas

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    Sports commentator Bob Costas
    Sports commentator Bob CostasGene J. Puskar/Associated Press

    Standard notions of time never applied to the great Bob Costas. Don’t tell Bob about the importance of a college degree. He didn’t have time for that, accepting a job with St. Louis radio giant KMOX before he could get around to finishing things up at Syracuse University.

    And when he took a job with NBC at the ripe old age of 28, Don Ohlmeyer—who ran the network’s sports division at the timetold Bob he looked like a 14-year-old child.

    But that was a long time ago, and Bob is now 62. So he’s probably aged a bunch, right? Wrong!

    In fact, the only sign of even the slightest physical decline appeared in February, when a little Russian smog found its way into Bob’s left eye.

    Beyond his Sochi struggles, however, he remains the same old baby-faced Bob.

5. Brad Stevens

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    Celtics coach Brad Stevens
    Celtics coach Brad StevensCharles Krupa/Associated Press

    Sure, the head coach of the Boston Celtics is still relatively young—37—but if looks didn’t lie, I’d guess he’s no older than a prepubescent child. It’s really rather remarkable.

    While most members of our list aged up until a certain point and then abruptly and unfairly stopped, Coach Stevens represents a unique case—he actually seems to be getting younger and younger.

    He is the NBA’s version of Benjamin Button.

    As ESPN’s Tim Keown once put it, “Stevens looks like he checks the mirror every morning to see if it's time to start shaving."

    And I’ll add this: If Stevens can in fact grow a beard—and I truly question whether he can—he probably should, because this whole thing is starting to get really creepy.

4. Steve Spurrier

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    South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier
    South Carolina coach Steve SpurrierJohn Raoux/Associated Press

    Next up is 69-year-old Steve Spurrier—the list’s resident badass in just about every possible way.

    From taking home a Heisman Trophy as a player to winning a national title from the sideline, the Ol’ Ball Coach has experienced nearly every measure of success. Oh, yeah, and he also happens to be perhaps the most quotable figure in all of sports.

    If all of that isn’t enough to get you to either loathe or love Spurrier, consider that he hasn't aged in roughly 20 years.

    If you asked him, he’d probably call it the “County Club Cleanse." 

    Here’s an idea: Try matching every five hours of work with 10 hours of golf. I bet you’d feel younger, too.

3. Andre Miller

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    NBA PG Andre Miller defending LeBron James
    NBA PG Andre Miller defending LeBron JamesDavid Zalubowski/Associated Press

    The final three athletes on our list don’t just look good, they still have some game left as well.

    First it's 38-year-old PG Andre Miller, who’s still dishing out dimes like it’s 1999 (the year his pro career began).

    In truth, though, I considered leaving Miller off the list altogether. Take a look at this pic, consider that he’s missed only three games in his 14-year career and then answer me this question:

    Should cyborgs really count?

2. Ray Allen

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    NBA SG Ray Allen
    NBA SG Ray AllenEric Gay/Associated Press

    Believe it or not, Ray Allen’s the oldest of our final three, staying young at 39 years of age.

    Allen remained a key contributor during Miami's recent 2013 title run, but here’s how I’d best sum up his youthful exuberance:

    In 1998, he starred in the movie He Got Game and received critical acclaim for his convincing portrayal of basketball phenom Jesus Shuttlesworth—a high schooler.

    What's scarier is that Allen could today just as easily star in He Got Game 2: The College Years.

1. Dwyane Wade

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    Miami Heat SG Dwyane Wade
    Miami Heat SG Dwyane WadeTony Gutierrez/Associated Press

    Athletes associated with the NBA have fared well on our list. It’s only fitting, then, that we put this thing to bed with an NBAer in the twilight of his career (pun totally intended).

    The final guy on our list is, like Allen, an NBA champion. Once considered a top-five player in the league, the 32-year-old Wade has battled injury and slowed down a bit in recent years. But that’s according to stats, not looks.

    In fact, if his offspring are any indication, Wade's grown but hasn’t actually aged since he was right around seven!

    Nicknamed Flash, Wade’s still too quick for even time to catch. 

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