Adebayor to Manchester City? A Good Deal for All

Chris StoneCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

UNDATED - UNSPECIFIED:   In this handout image provided by adidas, Emmanuel Adebayor of Arsenal and Togo with his new adidas F50i football boots and training kit.  (Photo by Getty Images for adidas)

Sky Sports have recently announced they believe Arsenal and Manchester City are in talks over the possible transfer of Adebayor.  I am of the opinion that such a move would be good for all parties involved.

Good for Arsenal:

Rumours have been circulating about Adebayor since last season, and it would be good to sort it out one way or the other.

Adebayor has had his best season (2007/2008) I don't see him recapturing that form that saw him net 30 goals in all competitions, in fact, the season just gone saw him almost half his goal return to 16 in all competitions.  Arsenal need someone that can consistently bag 20+ goals a season up front. 

 In fact, not a single Arsenal player made it into the top 10 scorers list last year (whilst the rest of the top four had two players each in the top 10), despite the fact that Arsenal scored as many goals as Man United and Chelsea. 

This shows that a lot of pressure is being put on non-strikers to score goals, something that shouldn't really be happening.  If the gunners had a striker that could get 15+ goals in the league and a handful in the FA cup/Champions league, that pressure can be relaxed a little.

Financially, Arsenal would benefit.  It is common knowledge that Man City have vast sums of money to spend, and perhaps over-pay for players.  Arsenal will be able to get a good deal for Adebayor (reportedly £20 million), and that could be put to getting a striker that can perform potentially better than him.

Oh, and he also is somewhat unpopular with the Gunners fans at the moment ( I suggest you look at the brochure on Arseblog)!

Good for Man City:

I may have been critical of Adebayor in my previous comments, but make no mistake, he is a decent player and there is always the potential that he will get those 30 goals a season again. 

He is also a physically tall player, something that perhaps Man City are lacking up front, giving them another option to get on the end of crosses, set pieces etc.  He may also be a stepping stone to bigger and better players. 

Man City probably won't break into the top four this season, but they can aim to improve on last season.  It may be a case of "slowly but surely," but adding Adebayor to the squad will only straighten it.  On top of that, he has Champions league experience that could prove beneficial.

Good for Adebayor

As I mentioned earlier, Adebayor isn't the most popular player at the Emirates right now, whether that is justified or not is another matter.  If he moves to Man City, he will be sacrificing Champions League football.  But he will also obtain a better pay package.

I'm not calling him a merc, nor money driven, but he has the potential to become popular at Man City, earn better money for it, and perhaps become part of a club that has the financial clout to break into the top four.

So that about wraps up my thoughts on this rumoured transfer dealings, thank you for reading.  I have noticed that a few articles have popped up on this topic, but hopefully mine is different enough to be worth publishing anyway!  Regards!