How to Troll in Sports Like a Pro

Colin Sylvester@@ColinSylvesterContributor IIIAugust 21, 2014

How to Troll in Sports Like a Pro

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    Trolls don't just live under bridges.

    They're on our courts, fields, and diamonds, waiting for the world to catch their next dastardly act of trolling.  From Lance Stephenson to Mark Cuban to Terrell Owens, we can't get enough of sports stars figuring out brilliant ways to be downright mischievous.

    Some are far better than others, though, so here is a list of best of the best when it comes to causing a scene both on and off the court.  

    But remember, you should probably be the best in the world at whatever sport you play before trying these trollings at home.  If you aren't, you'll just look like the living-under-the-bridge type.

J.R. Smith Loves Shoelaces

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    J.R. Smith is fine with his own shoelaces, but he just loves untying his opponents' shoelaces while waiting for rebounds at the free-throw line.  Most notably, the sharpshooter has gone after Shawn Marion and Dwight Howard.

    To Smith, I suggest picking on someone your own size.  To the rest of the NBA, I suggest velcro.

Bryce Harper Foot Eraser

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    Atlanta loves Bryce Harper.  And by "love" I mean they would rather put Brooks Conrad at second base than let Harper walk into Turner Field. 

    Harper only added embers to that fire by swiping his foot across the "A" behind home plate every time he went to the batter's box.

    As a troll, we salute you Bryce.  As a fielder, well... 

Angels vs. Fernando Rodney

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    Fernando Rodney always does his infamous arrow-shooting motion to center field after recording a save in the ninth.  Against the Angels, though, Rodney pulled it back towards the Angels' dugout after getting out of a jam in the eighth inning.

    Rodney probably should have considered who was due up the next inning before he made his gesture.  Next time up, Albert Pujols brought Mike Trout home to tie the game, and Trout pulled the arrow right back at Rodney as he crossed the plate.  

    In addition to getting the win, Trout also earned style points for nailing the "duck face" as he shot the arrow.

Carlos Gomez in Awe of Himself

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    Last September, Carlos Gomez ripped a homer to left-center against the Braves.  The only problem is that he stood there watching his work before running the bases a bit too long for Freddie Freeman, Chris Johnson and Brian McCann, who blocked Gomez from home plate in a nose-to-nose matchup for the ages.  

    The benches cleared and the debate over baseball's unwritten rules raged on.  Even better, though, is that this video is filed under "Classic" at  

    You stay classy, Carlos Gomez.

Mario Balotelli: "Why Always Me?"

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    Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

    Mario Balotelli is one of the best trolls in Europe.  Whether it's his goal celebrations or setting his house on fire with fireworks, he keeps the world watching.

    A few days after that house fire and the media frenzy following it, Balotelli removed his jersey after scoring for Manchester City to reveal a shirt that said, "Why always me?"

    Don't like attention, Mario?  A haircut might help.  

Terrell Owens Dances on Cowboys' Star

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    What troll "how to" would be complete without Terrell Owens?  Back in 2000 when Owens played for the 49ers, he caught a touchdown against Dallas and went straight to midfield, dancing on the star.

    The best part?  He didn't even get a penalty!  Oh for the 2000s again.

    Owens did the same on his second touchdown of the game, heading straight for the star only to be leveled by Cowboys defensive end George Teague.

    Sorry Teague, but the fact you had to tackle him means T.O. had already royally trolled you and Dallas.

Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee

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    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Things weren't always this chummy between Reggie and Spike, who claim to be friends now.

    During Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, Miller and perennial Knicks fan Lee went back and forth with trash-talking banter.  In the closing minutes after Miller had scored 25 fourth-quarter points, he turned to Lee and made a choking gesture, enraging the already defeated home-court crowd.

    Just one note to Reggie and the Pacers.  Your trolling would have a better place in history if you didn't blow Game 6 and wilt at Madison Square Garden in Game 7 following said trolling. 

Sugar Ray Leonard

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    Uncredited/Associated Press

    Boxing has to be one of the best sports for trolling, which came naturally for Sugar Ray Leonard.  After losing to Roberto Duran earlier that year, Leonard faced Duran again in 1980 for the welterweight title.

    Leonard stuck his chin out and dared Duran to punch him while dancing circles around the ring.  Leonard then landed one of his signature bolo punches in Round 7, and Duran gave his now famous "No Mas" a round later, ending the bout.  

Tie Domi Riding

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    Ron Frehm/Associated Press

    Tie Domi is one of the all-time most underrated trolls.  He finished his NHL career was the third-most penalty minutes ever and spent most of his time on the ice-picking fights mostly just for fun.

    He did play hockey occasionally, and after scoring one goal he proceeded to prance around the ice riding his hockey stick.  Did I mention he was always looking for a fight?

Lance Stephenson Blows into LeBron's Ear

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    This moment has become a benchmark in the history of trolling.  In Game 5 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals, Stephenson blew into LeBron's ear while they were standing at the free-throw line.  

    It's really just trolling for trolling's sake, which is why the internet and sports world exploded with every kind of photoshop and meme imaginable.

    In the end, though, Stephenson only added to Indiana's history of trolling and then losing with a spot in the Finals on the line.  After forcing Game 6 and giving themselves a chance to take the series to the brink, the Pacers, well, blew it.

L.A. Kings Twitter

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    Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

    This was one of the best Twitter comebacks ever.  During the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year, the Kings' Twitter account tweeted before a game, "We Are All Kings."

    A Canucks fan accused the Kings of stealing their slogan, so the Kings responded simply with, "ok we'll change it to 'We Are In The Playoffs.'"

    Burned.  LA Weekly even did an article on the brilliant guy behind the Twitter account.

    Take note, Indiana. The Kings followed up their trolling by winning the Stanley Cup shortly thereafter.

Will Ferrell Kings Video in Time Square

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    Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

    It's one thing to make a Kings pump-up video for the Stanley Cup Finals, but it's a completely different, trolling hall of fame thing to have Will Ferrell do it and show it in Times Square when you're playing the New York Rangers.

    That's just what the Kings did though, and thousands of New Yorkers could only watch as Ferrell and the Kings steamrolled them on the way to winning the Stanley Cup.

    Now all we need is for Will Ferrell to star in a box office bust semi-pro hockey movie too.  

Dan Le Batard's LeBron Billboard

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    Issac Baldizon/Getty Images

    Don't you love it when the media takes blatant shots at players?  It seems so counterproductive, but it always entertains.

    When LeBron James left Miami to go back to Cleveland, Le Batard graced a Cleveland billboard with, "You're Welcome, LeBron.  Love, Miami" next to the two NBA championship rings.  

    ESPN didn't like the move and suspended him for two days. The company must have thought Le Batard's antics were "highly questionable."