A False Beginning: They Took the Other High-Way to Success.

memet simonContributor IJuly 13, 2009

MANNHEIM - JULY 24:  Michael Schumacher of Germany and Ferrari in action during an F1 Allstars charity football match at the Carl-Benz Stadium in Mannheim, Germany. (Photo by: Clive Mason/Getty Images.)



Michael Schumacher: The F1 hero and legend was fond of football since he was a kid. He even played for a modest Swiss team but he gave up taking the right way of speed and adrenalin. He played many games with soccer stars but his fate was linked to F1.


Julio Iglesias: One of the best romantic singers in the world. He sings in Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and even in Japanese! The whole world knows many of his hits as: “Agua Dulce, Agua Sala” or “La Carretera” but not many people remember that he was the official goalkeeper of “Los Galácticos” a long time ago.


Eros Ramazzotti: Great Italian singer. His music is heard all over the European Continent, from The Iberia Peninsula to the Vikings’ lands; not to mention the great success he has had in America and the African Continent.

He is recognized as a very good footballer. His ability as a goal scorer has been proved more than once, and he has even scored some  magnificent goals. His love for football has made him say:

“If I wasn’t successful as singer, I would have played soccer”.