UFC 100: Henderson, Lesnar Give Fans Their Money's Worth

Patrick Generose@PatrickGenCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2009

Trying to find a single word appropriate enough to describe the events of UFC 100 could keep even the most seasoned sports writers at their desks for several hours.

Besides, the words I keep coming back to are the ones I think ring truer than any other: "Worth the money."

And that is exactly what UFC 100 was.

Though not very well-versed in the sport of mixed martial arts, I know enough that when I saw the fight card, it would mark the first time that I would spend a cent on a Pay-Per-View event. 

Though there were several fights that took place during the event, there are only three worth mentioning (as is usually the case).

The grudge match between Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping was underhyped, considering the results.

Henderson seemed to give Bisping every chance to correct his mistake of circling to Henderson's right hand, because Bisping actually made it to the second round while moving in that direction since the start of the match.

Henderson was through playing nice guy midway through the second round when that same right hand torpedoed Bisping's chin.

It was pretty obvious—even to Henderson, I think—that Bisping was out before he hit the mat.

But that still didn't stop Henderson from delivering what can be best described as a flying Superman Punch to an already semi-comatose Bisping.

The knockout itself was good, but the unnecessary haymaker that followed is what will have people talking at the water cooler on Monday.

Henderson commented that the final blow was to get Bisping to think twice about running his mouth, something he did a lot when the two fighters coached against each other in the most recent season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

Given the ferocity of the blow, Bisping should hold off on thinking about anything for about a month.

Henderson rocked Bisping so violently that there may still be tiny shards of his jaw scattered around the octagon. 

George St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves followed the Henderson/ Bisping fight, and unfortunately much was left to be desired. 

The fight is worth mentioning, though, because St. Pierre continued to show why he is, pound-for-pound, one of the best fighters in the world. 

With no formal wrestling training to speak of, St. Pierre managed to take down Alves at least ten times throughout his five-round Welterweight title defense, even after pulling his groin in the third round. 

Alves was touted as younger, stronger, and the toughest challenge of St. Pierre's career.

Well, two out of three ain't bad.

Lesnar vs. Mir wasn't the last fight of the evening, but it was definitely the showstopper.

Before the bell even rang, Lesnar set the tone when he simply turned and walked back to his corner after referee Herb Dean had asked the fighters to "touch gloves and come out fighting."

Mir escaped the first round with a swollen left cheek, though it was probably the worst swollen left cheek anyone's ever seen.

At one point in the second round, Mir connected with a flying knee to Lesnar's chin.  But that was all Mir would have to hang his hat on.

Lesnar fell on top of Mir after the knee strike, regained his composure, and forced Mir against the cage.  With his victim cornered, Lesnar unleashed a barrage of right hands that left Mir's face so swollen that he resembled a cabbage patch doll after the fight. 

Here's where it gets juicy. 

While Mir was still staggering to his feet after the bell, Lesnar got in his face and started talking smack. 

This prompted boos from the sellout crowd, to which Lesnar responded by flipping off the fans as Joe Rogan entered the ring for the post-fight interview.

"I love it," Lesnar said into the mic. 

"Keep it coming!"

Lesnar continued his unsportsmanlike tirade all the way through the interview, never actually answering a single question that Rogan asked.

"Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass last time, and I told him that," Lesnar continued. 

"Tonight, I pulled that sum-bitch out and beat him over the head with it!"

Dana White had to be secretly loving every second of this, knowing that even though Lesnar was turning himself into the most hated man in the sport (and maybe all of sports), people would be chomping at the bit to see his next fight.

But the sound of the cash register in White's head was drowned out by the damage control siren that Lesnar's next words set off.

Knowing full well that Bud Light was the main sponsor for the entire event, Lesnar, when asked what his future plans were, responded, "I'm gonna go home and drink a Coors Light, yeah, a Coors Light since Bud Light won't pay me anything..."

Reports say that White pulled Lesnar aside backstage and gave him a lashing littered with enough curse words to fill a George Carlin standup.

It must have worked because when Lesnar was interviewed again later in his dressing room he was humbled and apologetic to the sponsors, and even to Mir.

Despite the apology, Lesnar showed his true colors during and immediately following the fight, and they couldn't have shone any brighter...or darker, depending on your opinion of the tattooed monster.

The bottom line is that I wanted more the second he threw the mic down and left the octagon: More Lesnar, more blood, more everything.

UFC 100 was a rousing success because of the talent that was on display that evening, but it was memorable because of Lesnar (Henderson too, that punch was nasty).

Either way, as a first time buyer of a UFC Pay-Per-View, I can guarantee that Dana White will be pocketing my money again the next time he hosts an event. 

If Lesnar doesn't fight, I hope he at least shows up with a microphone.


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