Oh Jericho, Whom Will You Choose for Night of Champions?

Chris JeterContributor IJuly 14, 2009

One of the main questions coming into this weeks episode of RAW was, "What would be the state of the Unified Tag Titles now that Edge is on the shelf?"

That was a very good question considering the limited amount of tag teams in the WWE, especially since the Colons have split up. I'm sure many of us thought that surely would go the the route of vacating the championships.

Hell, even Jerry Lawler said on the broadcast that there probably would be a tournament to decide the new champs (you need more than three teams to have a tournament, Jerry). However, Chris Jericho had other plans in mind. 

At the start of the second hour Chris Jericho entered the ring area and cut a promo comparing Edge to the Greek God Achilles, which was followed by Jericho bashing his tag partner, which could help out that babyface turn WWE creative was planning for him (nothing was set in stone).

Nevertheless, Jericho stated that he would NOT be vacating his championships due to a contract in the title match stating that if Edge got injured, he could choose a replacement.

So, now the question is, who is going to replace Edge in the Unified Tag Titles match at the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View. Chances are it will be someone that's a well known talent or someone he could mentor similar to the role Lance Cade was playing before his release.

Here are some possibilities (I will list the heels with a good chance and then I'll name some babyfaces).

Charlie Haas: A clean cut individual similar to, but not like Jericho. Could play the same role Cade played, as he does have the look. Plus, he's not doing anything right now. If I'm right, this could be a blessing in disguise for Haas.

Dolph Ziggler: A good choice, and this could happen. Granted, all signs point to a program with Mysterio, but those were taped two weeks ago, when Edge was healthy.

The playing field has changed now, still I could see him lose to Mysterio and come back out as Jericho's partner. It happened last month, so it would probably be too predictable to do it again, or would it?

Matt Hardy: Would be a strong choice if he himself weren't already on the injured list after abdominal surgery.

Matt was a superstar who redefined himself and then ran into some bad luck of his own with the hand and then the abs. Sorry folks, would have been a sure thing if healthy.

Mike Knox: Haven't seen him in a while. Would be an acceptable partner for Jericho, AT BEST.

Ricky Ortiz: NO NO NO. A trillion times NO!!!!!!! Rally Up. NO, Rally down to the unemployment line with your stupid towel and gimmick.

Most of the ECW roster is green so most of them wouldn't fit, except...

William Regal: A logical choice, but I don't think he's high profile enough. Plus, one of the main reasons he's in the Land of Extreme is to help the young talent there gain some experience. So I say no to Mr. Regal.

Zack Ryder: His character wouldn't mesh well with Jericho's, so I'm gonna say no.

Christian: Wouldn't it be ironic if the Edge's replacement was his partner and longtime friend and kayfabe brother Christian. This one makes the most sense to me in my humble opinion.

So the question heading into Night of Champions still remains, who will Jericho choose to be his partner?