These Kids Might Love Sports a Little Too Much

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistAugust 26, 2014

These Kids Might Love Sports a Little Too Much

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    So, I don’t actually think it’s possible to love sports too much, but these kids might be excessively worrying themselves about their favorite teams, sports and players. Too much stress is never good. 

    While most little kinds are spending their carefree days riding bikes or playing sports of their own, these superfans are busy memorizing rosters and criticizing members of the sports media.  

    Taping their own news reports and writing letters to their idols doesn’t seem too bad, but when sports fandom turns into hysterical fits of crying or rage, that's taking things a little too far.

    If it’s possible for kids to love sports too much, then these 12 kids are walking that line. But full disclosure: I don’t hate the passion. 

Dwyane Wade the Flopper

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    True, it doesn’t take a sports genius to realize that Dwyane Wade is a flopper, but it does take someone who watches a good number of his games.

    However, apparently a kid at the Dwyane Wade and Brandon Marshall Sports Academy asked Wade point blank why he’s so...theatrical.

    Wade recalls the incident and jokingly says he thought about kicking the astute youngster out of camp.

    This kid loves his sports so much that he risked getting kicked out of camp just to find out what many of us definitely want to know.

Seahawks Reporter

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    This little kid is seen reading a pretty sweet recap of the 2014 playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints.

    He presumably wrote it himself, although that’s just an assumption based on the handwritten sheet of notebook paper sitting in front of him.

    His facts are on point, and his enthusiasm is endearing. I would listen to this kid read the sports news any day.

    I just hope he didn't neglect his homework to make time to film his segment. 

Little League Reporter

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    Here’s another sports reporter giving you all the updates on Triple-A baseball and Little League scores as his dad makes dinner in the other room.

    I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t know what’s going on with the local Little League team.

    Also, there were updates on something called “Softball Majors" (which I had to Google).

Letter to Kevin Huber

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    Many people probably wouldn't even know who Kevin Huber is if it wasn't for that vicious hit by Terence Garvin in 2013.

    Well, this kid sure knows who he is, and he's his biggest fan. 

    Deadspin provides this letter from a seven-year-old fan to the Cincinnati Bengals punter.  

    The kid tells Huber that he’s his No. 1 favorite player, that he loves his college team (the Cincinnati Bearcats) and that he hopes Terence Garvin loses his home. That's passion to the point of ruthlessness, right there.

Dwight Howard's Biggest Fan

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    When Dwight Howard signed with the Houston Rockets in 2013, Shaquille O'Neal wasn't too thrilled about it and publicly criticized the decision. 

    Well, this kid publicly criticized Shaq in return. In fact, it appears he thinks he could take Shaq.

2 Panther Fans

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    The two kids in this video are seen having very different reactions to the news that the Carolina Panthers had released longtime wide receiver Steve Smith.

    Smith had been with the Panthers for his entire career, and I’m sure many fans were upset at the decision, including the boy in this video.

    His rage, though understandable, does seem a bit extreme for the situation. He even says he no longer wants to have a favorite team at all. 

    His sister, on the other hand, seems totally fine with the situation and rejoices at the additional time she’ll have to cheer for Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly. She is someone who loves sports just the right amount. 

    As an aside, the boy, while a bit emotional, might have a good point about Smith. The Baltimore Ravens signed the veteran to a three-year deal worth $11 million after several other teams reportedly showed interest.  

    If Smith ends up making any type of positive impact in Baltimore, this little kid’s meltdown will retrospectively look quite justified.

Born Leader

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    It's hard not to love this kid. I even think we have a young coach in the making here.

    This young man at a PSV Eindhoven football game knew all the chants and got who knows how many fans to follow his lead. 

    Born leader. 

Prank Gone Wrong

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    According to Deadspin, this little soccer fan loves Benfica, and her parents thought it would be funny to get her a shirt of the rival team, Porto, for Christmas as a joke.

    The parents obviously underestimated her love for her team as well as her hatred for its rival.

    She loves sports so much, it almost ruined her Christmas. 

Little Jets Fan

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    In 2011, a six-year-old New York Jets fan was visibly upset over a Week 11 Jets loss and the playoff implications around the league.

    This kid predicted that the Jets would lose to the New York Giants in Week 16 (they did) and miss the playoffs entirely.

    He displayed quite a bit of football knowledge during his tearful rant, going on about strength of schedules and the preposterousness of New England losing every game. (No really, his mom suggested that as an actual possibility.)

    While his knowledge is impressive, anything that makes a kid that upset can't be the greatest thing. But you can't question his loyalty. 

    Buck up, kid. Many more years of this to come. 

20 WWE Themes

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    This kid, two years old according to the video, knows a ton about WWE, or WWE themes anyway.

    I didn’t even know what a WWE theme was, but this young man was able to name 20 of them in two minutes.

    Now this might be a case of the kid loving WWE too much, or it might be the case of his parent loving it too much. Either way, get that kid an ice cream. He's adorable. 

Manchester United Kid

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    This young Manchester United fan, William, seems to know even more about the team than the adult interviewing him.

    He talks about game strategy, qualities in a good coach and players he’d like to see on the team. Like a boss.

    But he has also made quite a few of these videos. It's almost like he's doing these analysts' jobs for them. 

Biggest Little Seahawks Fan

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    Kalee Buetow, a pint-sized Seattle Seahawks fan, would put you to shame with her roster knowledge.

    Sure, she can name Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman—what NFL fan can’t?

    But little Kalee does you one better by naming the strong safety, all the wide receivers, center and offensive line coordinator for the Super Bowl champs. Offensive line coordinator? Really?

    If she memorizes her times tables as well as her football players, this girl is going to Harvard.