Roberto De Vicenzo : One Of a Kind

Maria GarciaContributor IMarch 9, 2017

Roberto de Vicenzo is one of the greatest golf players in the world . This excellent athlete and human being was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina , in 1923. He started his career as a caddie and became a professional at the age of 15.

Henry Cotton , three times winner of the British Open said that only a very few golfers would not envy the magnificent play of “Master De Vicenzo” .

Roberto’s contributions to golf are great . He won more than 230 tournaments around the world , including the British Open , in 1967 , defeating the great Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player , therefore becoming at the age of 44 , the oldest winner of a major championship .

De Vicenzo was awarded the “Bob Jones” and “William Richardson” Awards in 1970.

He won titles in Belgium , Brazil , Chile , Colombia , Holland, France , Germany , Jamaica , Mexico , Panama , Peru , Spain , Uruguay and Argentina . He represented his country 17 times in the World’s Championship .


His golf, makes Roberto a great golfer, but his humble , kind personality makes him greater : everyone who knows him agrees that he deserves the best award any man can get , that of being a GREAT HUMAN BEING .