The Bears Are Only A Year Or So Away

dave mcclureContributor IJuly 15, 2009

Jay Cutler will get a taste of going deep into the playoffs and just like Elway will come up just a bit short. I think Cutler will win a Super Bowl, but that may be year or two away. Be patient Bears' fans.

My questions are: How far will the Broncos go this year? Did they make good off season moves or was Pat Bowlen really getting a bit goofy? Do we need a psychological evaluation in Denver?

I think so.

Talk about piss poor business. I am still in shock that Shanahan and Cutler are gone, and they treated Jake Plummer and Brian Griese the same way. They are the last team I'd want to play for in football right now!

Get ready everyone, the season is upon us and what a year it's looking to be. My early season Super Bowl prediction is the Bears and Ravens.

Jay Cutler vs. Joe Flacco