Projecting How WWE Can Improve Seth Rollins' Main Event Credibility

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 1, 2014


With his charisma, promo skills and phenomenal in-ring ability, Seth Rollins could potentially be the company's next big main event star—but only if WWE works to improve his credibility in the upcoming months.

OK, so he has his Money in the Bank title shot and will cash it in at some point in the future. But history has shown that the briefcase isn't always a guarantee of stardom.

While some wrestlers—like Edge—managed to break through the glass ceiling thanks to Money in the Bank, there were many other winners—Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow and Jack Swagger spring to mind—who ended up back in the midcard after their brief spells in the main event scene were over.


Ideally Rollins will be like Edge and use his title shot as a way to ascend to the next level and become a main eventer, and to help his chances WWE will have to take certain steps to ensure he is sufficiently protected.

For one thing, he needs to get some clean wins over established stars. OK, so he's defeated Dean Ambrose a couple of times, but Ambrose is hardly a main eventer. He needs a clean win over a major name to help build up his credibility.

How about John Cena?

Cena was absolutely destroyed by Brock Lesnar at the SummerSlam pay-per-view last month, so is losing cleanly to Rollins—in a much more competitive bout—really going to harm him any further?

I don’t think so.


Besides, Rollins-Cena would be a fresh feud at a time when WWE doesn’t have that many new and interesting options.

Crucially, the company also needs to start booking Rollins as the true star of The Authority.

While Stephanie McMahon and Triple H—both of whom get most of the attention and spotlight on Raw—are great and hilarious as the evil corporate bosses making life a misery for the good guys, is it really a good idea for the writers to focus on them so much at the expense of a guy who will likely be getting the title soon?

Of course not. They aren’t the ones the creative team should be building everything around—Rollins is.


The bookers should therefore try to give Rollins more mic time and main event segments in the upcoming months. He needs to be put at the forefront of the heel stable, with the emphasis placed on him and his Money in the Bank title shot.

OK, so people on the booking team might be a bit weary on this idea—Triple H and his wife are proven television commodities and Rollins isn’t—but they have to branch out and take the risk. It's the only option.

How else is Rollins going to be properly prepared for a run with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

The former Shield member certainly has all the tools needed to be a long-term main eventer. No one seriously doubts that. But the writers just need to get behind him slightly more in the future—even if it comes at the expense of the McMahon family’s screen time.