Tevez, Robinho, Adebayor. Man City Slickers or Unwanted Goods?

Muazzin MehrbanCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2009

With the exception of Roque Santa Cruz, Manchester City’s other big name signings may not be the world beaters that they might self proclaim to be. Robinho remains the archetype transfer for what I am trying to express. On his day, yes he can provide slices of magic, but in truth he is no world beater despite the odd dazzling run or cute finish. If he was not deemed good enough to be a Real Madrid player last season, when Madrid were looking over their shoulder, guarding second spot rather than hounding Barcelona, then what makes people think he will take city to new heights?

This season Robinho has been joined by Carlos Tevez. Productive though he can be, Tevez rather dug a hole for himself when suggesting that Manchester United would still be European champions had he started in Rome. Tevez or no Tevez, if Ronaldo and Rooney couldn’t pick what was on that night a sublime Barcelona lock, then Carlito certainly wouldn’t have been able to. Make no mistake, the lad has the hunger and spirit in abundance, but even abundance was not enough for United, the team City aim to overhaul next season.

The arrival of nomads is not set to end there. Possibly the most deceiving and treacherous of them all, Emmanuelle Adebayor, is set to arrive in the coming days, provided of course, that he does not receive an offer from a better club, or at least one more sympathetic. Adebayor has the size, skill, and speed to succeed but upon closer examination, one is more likely to find ice rather than fire in his belly. Although he waltzes well with the corner flag and his Arsenal teammates when scoring, he may want to leave his dancing shoes in London. His new teammates may not be as welcoming, and might prefer a better chances-to-goal ratio rather than a few nifty moves. Arsenal have gotten bored of it, and neither Manchester United nor AC Milan, both on the Adebayor wish list, appear taken by it.

A little harsh of me maybe, but all three of the aforementioned had City low down on their list of destinations and all three have probably drawn up a list of which footballing cities they would like to visit next.  Only time will tell though but I have the feeling that if City are to challenge the big boys in the premier league playground, it will be their British legion, Messes Barry, Ireland and Given that will show the most fight.