LeBron James Hangs Out With John Calipari at Kentucky Training Center

Keith SowderCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2009

LeBron James was spotted by many at The University of Kentucky Craft Center hanging out with Coach John Calipari and shooting baskets.  What this can possibly mean is LeBron signing a letter of intent to come to Kentucky?  Wow, just when I didn't think Coach Cal's recruiting efforts could be topped, he does it again.

In reality, it appears that Coach Cal and LeBron have a great relationship, and the NBA star decided to pay the college coach a visit.  Having King James hang around the University of Kentucky Basketball program definitely has to be huge plus for Coach Cal while out on the recruiting scene.

I am pretty certain that the picture at the top of this article will be on the cover of every University of Kentucky men's basketball recruiting brochure. It also can't hurt that Lebron has asked Coach Cal to remain a coach long enough for him to recruit LeBron's sons.