Why Billy Gillispie No Longer Leads the Empire of College Basketball

Keith SowderCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

LOUISVILLE, KY - JANUARY 04:  Billy Gillispie the Head Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats is pictured during the game against the Louisville Cardinals on January 4, 2009 at Freedom Hall in Louisville , Kentucky.  Louisville won 74-71.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Billy Gillispie...what can I say about this guy, other than he is a complete scoundrel. I know that he may have the University of Kentucky on the ropes with his lawsuit and all, but I would never let any kid of mine play for the guy.

The reason Gillispie no longer will be the head coach of the Wildcats is because of his relationship with the players, the media, and the boosters. Derrick Jasper was a former point guard for the Wildcats and Billie G, however he was treated like some kind of second-class citizen by the coach. After an injury took Jasper off of the ball court, Gillispie attacked Jasper's manhood and forced the kid back on the court before he was fully healed.

It is rumored that Billy G forced the bus to stop after returning from an away game and kicked Jasper off of the bus, requiring him to walk on the injured leg. Only after Jasper's teammates said that they were getting off of the bus with him was he allowed back on. Ultimately, Jasper is the best option that Kentucky had for a returning point guard, and last year he transferred.

Jodie Meeks, one of the team's bright spots last season, had been lambasted a number of times by Gillispie, being called too selfish.  Even during his 54-point out pour against Tennessee, Gillispie screamed at him to stop shooting.  During the NIT game against Notre Dame, Gillispie threatened to kick him off of the team.

During halftime of a game, Gillespie locked a player in a bathroom stall and would not allow him to rejoin his teammates. His reasoning? Gillispie said "he couldn't stand to look at him." It is also rumored that as many as six to seven players were going to leave the team at the end of the season because of the ridiculous amount of criticism that Billy Clyde had put on them.

I do know one thing about basketball,  it is a game that requires a lot of confidence, especially if you are a shooter. If you lose confidence, then there goes your game.

Nonetheless, the final straw was Billy G's. comment that he was not going to be an ambassador for the team and that he was not hired to represent the school. Yes, he may have been hired to be a coach, but the in the state of Kentucky, the job does not stop there.  Every coach that I can remember from Joe B. Hall To Tubby Smith and now John Calipari has been an ambassador for the team, a leader on and off of the court.

The first practice under Coach Calipari for the Wildcats was a refreshing new start. It was very interesting, especially after a botched play when the Wildcats all stopped and looked at Coach Cal, waiting for the attacks to begin. However, Calipari asked them, "Why did you guy's stop?  Everybody makes a mistake now and then, keep playing."

These are just a few of the many examples of why Billy G. is no longer the head coach of the Wildcats.  There are many others, but I hope that by now you realize that he was not released for only having two average seasons. Gillispie was released because he was in over his head and did not know how to handle himself.