Will the "Top Four" Finally Break?

Yoni JanisContributor IJuly 20, 2009

It may seem longer to most soccer fans, but the “top four” clubs only took the top four places since 2005/06. It might seem longer then that because for a while it seemed as if no one would break into the “top four.”

But last year, right before we went to sleep near the “transfer window” deadline thinking that then Real Madrid star Robinho was going to sign for Chelsea only to wake up the next morning confused about Manchester City signing him.

Then in January after a terrible start leaving City near the bottom of the table, they went on another transfer spree signing quality players such as underrated Irish keeper Shay Given, Dutch international Nigel de Jong, Wayne Bridge, and Craig Bellamy.

Well this year they went wild, on the second day of June while teams were still only starting a transfer plan Aston Villa star Gareth Barry that said he would only leave Villa for a “top four” side to play champions league soccer only to leave for the money and no European soccer at all.

City have also brought in three strikers, which two of them could be called world class in Carlos Tevez and Emmanuel Adebayor the other being Roque Santa Cruz. However can someone tell me how the club plans to keep the players happy, with no European schedule and such a deep squad because obviously some players are not going to play.

I don’t here of much interest in players that City would like to get rid of but they will still have a signing or two at least before the window closes.

The real reason it seems like the top four might break this season is the lack of spending by the “top four.”

Manchester United seem like they think they have enough to win the title, but I don’t think that’s the case since bringing in Michael Owen instead of Cristiano Ronaldo is a joke. It’s kind of like Brad Pitt ditching a film and bringing Kevin Costner to replace him, it’s so 10 years ago. I also don’t think Nani is even close to the abilities of Ronaldo and I don’t see him ever having those kinds of abilities.

Liverpool well they haven’t changed dramatically but I have concerns about the middle of the defense, Carragher seemed quite shaky at times last season and I think Agger and Skrtel are good but Liverpool could do better. However Glen Johnson was a very good signing.

Well with Chelsea it seems like nothing is going on. City have been trying to sign Terry, on the other end Chelsea signed Yuri Zhirkov who is a good player but after Malouda playing well under Hiddink, I don’t really see the point in signing the Russian.

Arsenal is a subject I could discuss for days, but as a Gunner myself I am of the opinion that Wenger needs to change the way he thinks. In today’s soccer you need to overpay a bit some times to get your needs but that’s something that Wenger doesn’t agree with.

In Arsenal’s good days under the French manager we always had youngsters but we always had veterans to give the right mix of things. From Robert Pires to Emmanuel Petit and from Gilberto Silva to Sol Campbell, Arsenal always had there share of veterans. But Arsenal has a really great structure today but what they really lack is leadership.

I do think however that the “top four” aren’t finished with their squads and before the end of August they will look a lot better as they should look to grab some of Real’s Dutchmen who will be on sale by August.

I do think that the top of the premiership will be a great race this season, and even if Man City don’t make it into the “top four” then surely we will have a “top five.”