Which Way To The Gravestone: The Burying Of The X-Division

Ben SampsonCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

Preface: This is my last article on B/R. Hope everyone has enjoyed my work.

What happened to the X-Division?

On a lighter note, who watched Victory Road? I did, and I can tell you, it was pretty bad.

Quick results:

Jenna Morasca b. Sharmell

Matt Morgan b. Daniels

Samoa Joe b. Sting

Abys b. Dr. Stevie

Team 3D b. The British Invasion to reatin the IWGP Tag Team Championship

Booker T & Scott Steiner b. Beer Money (sadly...) to become TNA Tag Team Champions

Angelina Love b. Tara to become Knockouts' Champion

Kevin Nash b. A.J. Styles to become Legends Champion

Kurt Angle b. Mick Foley to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

I think the Mafia has now taken over TNA, and Jeff Jarrett is their hostage. Anyways, I was on pwtorch.com, and I discovered that there was no  X-Division match at Victory Road. You may think, oh who cares, right?

The only problem is, there has been at least one X-Division-related match at the past 56 pay-per-views (thanks, PW Torch).

See what I mean?

Let's review from January of this year to right now:

January/February 2009:

January 11th: Alex Shelley beats Chris Sabin in the X Division Championship tournament finals at Genesis (created when the title was vacated because of former champion Eric Young's controversial win to claim the championship, most likely involving Young's alter ego, Super Eric). At this point, the "Who Is Suicide?" had begun.

Shelley makes a few defenses on Impact and at Against All Odds, retaining every time.

March 2009:

Suicide (Kaz/Christopher Daniels) wins the title from Alex Shelley in an Ultimate X match also involving Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, and Consequences Creed,

April 2009:

Suicide retains the title in an Xscape match against Jay Lethal, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, and Consequences Creed.

May 2009:

Up to the May 14th episode of Impact, Christopher Daniels had been accused of being Suicide. On this episode, the Guns and Lethal/Creed tried to unmask Suicide, kickstarting a huge feud between Suicide and the Motor City Machine Guns (Sabin/Shelley), as well as Lethal Consequences (Lethal/Creed). Most TNA fans weren't happy with the angle, and were complaning about the misuse of two young tag teams.

June 2009:

Suicide retains the X Division Championship in the first-ever X Division King of The Mountain match.

July 2009:

After beating Doug Williams for a shot at the X Division Championship, Homicide cashed in his oppourtunity at the title on July 25th at the Impact Zone after Suicide's match with Chris Sabin and wins the title, ending the "whoissuicide" angle.

Since then, we haven't seen Lethal Consequences or the Motor City Machine Guns.

Has TNA run out of things to do with the X Division Championship? Sadly, yes.

I'll show you all the regular X Division contenders still with TNA, and how they are being used presently:

A.J. Styles: wrapped up in a Mafia overthrow feud and is being misused. Main-event, but is overshadowed.

Christopher Daniels: putting over young guys like Matt Morgan and beating vets like Shane Douglas. Upper mid-card position.

Suicide: Feuding with Homicide, which, if developed properly, could make up for the last X Division angle. Mid-card.

Homicide: Feuding with Suicide. Mid-card.

Kiyoshi: Feuding with Team 3D. Lower mid-card.

Sheik Abdul Bashir: Feuding with Team 3D. Lower mid-card.

Jay Lethal: Not on TV. Mid-card, could slip.

Consequences Creed: Not on TV. Mid-card, could also slip.

Alex Shelley: Not on TV. Mid-card, but could be released if there are no programs.

Chris Sabin: Not on TV. Same circumstances as Shelley.

Samoa Joe: Teaming with the Mafia and feuding with A.J. Styles. Main eventer.

Eric Young: A small feud with Rhino, but hasn't been on TV. Mid-card.

And to think that the X Division was formerly the main-event spot. Tsk, tsk. Any solutions?

1. Let Samoa Joe become X Division Champion. It helps with the Mafia overtaking, and it gives him lots of contenders, like Shelley, Sabin, Young, Lethal, Creed, Homicide, Suicide, and possibly Daniels or Styles.

2. Have a 8-man Elevation X match at Hard Justice or Bound For Glory. It's a dangerous match with only two people; imagine eight.

3. Another tournament, with the winner facing Homicide for the title.

4. Keep the Suicide/Homicide program running, throw in Joe, and make feuds for the others.

The X Division has, is, and will be a key component for making TNA the alternative. If that division, then there is no alternative, and that's what make TNA stand.

Thanks for reading. Any thoughts go in the comment box.



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