Goat Of The Week: John Henry

NYC Media Screamers- Michael NastriCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2009

TOKYO - MARCH 21:  Boston Red Sox  owner John Henry attends the Ricoh MLB Opening Series press conference at Tokyo Dome on March 21, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics plays their opening games in Tokyo on March 25 and 26. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this week's Goat.

Remember the George Steinbrenner outbursts on players(both opposing and his own), managers, management, and league officials? He was often killed in the media for his uncouth and unprofessional statements.

Hank Steinbrenner followed his father's footsteps and made the same brash statements. Remember Hank's bashing of the DH rule just last year?

Well John Henry doesn't seem much different. Henry uses twitter to make brash, asinine remarks. The latest of the bunch was posted yesterday:

"News from Yankees' Universe. Big upsurge in membership. Apparently coming mostly from Pluto. Not doing nearly as well on Mars."

This, of course, wasn't Henry's first statement attacking a Yankee player or group. After the Yanks were swept again by the Red Sox in early June, Henry tweeted, "The MT Curse?".

John Henry was jealous he didn't get Teixiera and got satisfaction like a five-year-old would after winning a game of Candy Land.

The Yankees Universe Fan Club is created out of the same idea the Red Sox used to create Red Sox Nation. The perks for Yankees Universe are great for fans. They include free MLB Game Day audio, fast track to get into the stadium, ticket discounts, and a members only site to see additional content.

Henry says similar crazy stuff through twitter that Hank Steinbrenner says through Howard Rubenstein. Only Henry's banter is silly and childish. Saying Yankee fans are from Pluto?!?

Maybe that's why Henry married a girl half his age, trying to get closer to that inner child that is obviously living inside of him.

John Henry is this week's Goat for two reasons:
1. He made a stupid, unnecessary comment through his Twitter.
2. If was going to make this comment, at least say something worthwhile, not a comeback my three-year-old neighbor could have come up with.

John, if you're going to try to be like George, then maybe you need to hire some PR reps of your own to teach you how to insult someone.