Breaking the Walls Down: Who Is Jericho's Partner?

Jonathan SheridanContributor IJuly 20, 2009

To all of you who are reading this, greetings. I am "your host" Jonathan Sheridan.

As we wrestling fans know, Smackdown! superstar, Edge, has been sidelined with a torn achilles tendon and is out for a few months.

Before his injury, Edge was one half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions with Chris Jericho.

On last week's Raw, Jericho announced that he would have a new partner and will successfully reign as champion and dominate the WWE Universe.

Now, let’s take a look at the possibilities.


The Miz

For those who have been keeping up on daily wrestling news—Joe Burgett’s 411, any wrestling news website, etc.—you would know that Jericho and Miz are having a somewhat ‘war of words’ on Twitter.

I personally think this is a ploy spawned by WWE to throw us off the tracks that Miz would be Jericho’s partner. Also, Jericho said his partner will be someone who speaks the truth.  With his recent John Cena feud, regarding his calling out of Cena and speaking what we all think, the chances of Miz being “the mystery partner” go way up.

Jonny’s odds: 4/1


Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters

Before I joined B/R, I read some of the articles posted by members. One of the main possibilities mentioned was Chris Masters who re-signed with WWE about a month or two ago.

Chris has been hyped for an instant return to television, thus heightening the possibility of him being a contender.

But, why would Masters be his partner? WWE tends to surprise us, so I am keep my mouth tightly shut as to why Masters would team with Jericho.

Jonny’s odds: 7/1


Ted DiBiase Jr.

When you look at the picture for the match at, you can clearly see that standing beside Y2J is a silhouette of Ted DiBiase.

But, what does this symbolize?

Considering the fact the silhouettes are meaningless and that they are just using it as a disguise, it is fair to say that it means nothing.

WWE is planning on turning DiBiase baby face for the upcoming Marine 2 DVD, so why switch him from teaming with Randy Orton, a major heel, and then to Jericho, another major heel?

Jonny’s odds: 25/1


Carlito Colon

Having recently turned on his brother Primo, Carlito could be looking at a chance to regain the Tag Team gold with Chris Jericho.

It would show Carlito as a somewhat strong heel, but would come off to me as if Carlito knew that Edge would get injured.

I would prefer Carlito to join Legacy and win the United States strap, but, who knows?

Jonny’s odds: 8/1


Cody Rhodes

As mentioned for Ted Jr., WWE is planning on turning him baby face. So (like he did to Bob Holly last year) why not have Rhodes turn on DiBiase?

To me, it would seem like a rushed move and would leave questions.

What happens to Legacy now that they have only two members? Why would Cody do it? Why would WWE bother splitting up yet another tag team?

Jonny’s odds: 20/1


Jonathan Sheridan

The main person considered to be a surprise partner. His name has never been spoken within the WWE, but he is McMahon’s favourite superstar. Having never trained in FCW or any professional wrestling circuit, the WWE fans would surely be shocked.

With amazing in-ring talent and mic skills, this kid should be World Champion, not Tag Team Champion, hence, his (predicted) rejection of the offer.

Jonny’s odds: 100/1