Why Isn't Wrestling Featured on the Front Page of Bleacher Report?

Scott BeebySenior Analyst IJuly 21, 2009

When someone visits the Bleacher Report website, the first thing they see is the slideshow of featured stories of the day, including the article that has won Pick of the Day and five others articles that are just as worthy.

Just below that they'll see the top stories and most commented articles, which are divided into each sport. The first tab is MLB, followed by NFL, and so on. There is just one thing wrong with that. Where is Pro Wrestling mentioned?

The Pro Wrestling section of Bleacher Report has more members than Golf and Tennis combined, both of which are currently featured on the front page. It is also one of the quickest growing sections, with a new almost every day!

One of our very own community leaders, Shane Howard, is ranked in the top five writers on Bleacher Report, which if nothing else proves that the wrestling community has something to offer in regards to quality of writing.

The only time that we see articles that have been written by members of the Pro Wrestling community on the front page, is when they are listed as one of the most popular or commented on pieces at the time, which happens very often, so why isn't there a place for Pro Wrestling as a whole?

There seem to be two main reasons that people give when asked why wrestling isn't held in such high regards as American Football or Basketball.


1) Pro Wrestling isn't a sport.

To be specific, professional wrestling is a non-competitive sport that is predetermined, yet it still contains all the strength and athleticism that you find in some of the toughest sports on the planet.

If you ask any wrestler, doesn't matter if they're from WWE, TNA, or one of the thousands of Indy promotions across the world, they will all tell you that Pro Wrestling is indeed a sport.

There are athletes going out there week after week, busting their butts, trying to prove that they are the best in the business.


2) Pro Wrestling is fake.

Yes, Pro Wrestling is scripted, but it is in no way fake. There are guys and girls putting their bodies on the line to entertain the fans.

At any given moment their career could be finished after just one botched spot in a match. You can actually hear the impact when a wrestler is slammed onto the canvas. Is that fake?

Let me ask you this in a classic Jim Ross voice. "How do you learn to fall from a 20 foot ladder?"

Professional Wrestling has roots leading all the way back to the late 19th century. That means that it was established before the National Football League, National Hockey League, and NASCAR.

I think that after over 120 years, wrestling deserves its spot among the other sports in America.

Bleacher Report is an international website, and Pro Wrestling is one of the few sports on here that is also worldwide.

You won't see much, if any, American football, Baseball, or even Ice Hockey outside of the USA and Canada, but you'll see Pro Wrestling almost anywhere that you go.

The administration that run Bleacher Report may look down on Pro Wrestling, but is that any reason to punish the hard working and loyal writers?

The great writers of the Pro Wrestling community should instead be rewarded for all the excellent writing that they have done by being able to see their work on the front page.

What will it take for Pro Wrestling and the wrestling fans themselves to finally get respect from the other sport's supporters?

During the Attitude Era of WWE, fans found it a lot easier to admit that they were wrestling fans. If you do that now, chances are you're going to get into an argument with a nearby person that doesn't understand the sport.

We wrestling fans need to rally together and prove that we have just as much right to be on the front page as any other sport. We all need to step up our games and write to the best of our ability to fight off all the conjecture.


In conclusion

Pro Wrestling has more members than several other sections that are featured on the front page. Pro Wrestling has a touch under 1,300 members, where Tennis has less than 600 members, and Golf has fewer than 300 members.

The members of the Pro Wrestling section are constantly receiving the coveted Pick of the Day award.

Great writers like that should be given more publicity by putting them on the front page on a constant basis, and not just when their article is given the POTD award.

Pro Wrestling is a sport and should be treated as one. Give it the respect it deserves as one of the leading sports in the world.

I'm not saying that Bleacher Report needs to replace one of the front page sports with Pro Wrestling. The point that I'm trying to get across is that it should be added to the current lineup.

We, as wrestling fans, should be able to hold our heads up high and stand shoulder to shoulder with all the other fanatics on Bleacher Report. We deserve to be given the respect that any other sports fans get.