My NHL Proposal: "Rivalry Weekend"

PuckpassionCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2009

In my opinion, one of the best and most underrated things going in sports is "rivalry week" in college football and basketball (i'm not sure if other college sports do it). Every big college basketball and football program face their rival all in the same week, and it often draws some of the best games as well as the most media and fan buildup all season.

I think something like this is fairly easy for the NHL to pull off, as long as it is done over the weekend with each team facing their two main rivals.

Games can start around 1:00 pm EST time on Saturday and go all the way through 10:00 pm EST time on Sunday (not including overnight).

If you're an NHL fan you will already know the NHL is doing something similar to this with every team playing on the same weeknight, which started last season.

I find that idea to be bad because it's too many games going on at once (what is really the point?). I'd much rather have a choice of 60 rivalry games spread out over 20 hours on a weekend then 30 average games spread out over five hours on a weeknight, wouldn't you?

I think this is something the NHL should really look into because no other pro sports league in North America does a rivalry week or weekend, but all sports fans know of it and love it, so it can be one more appealing thing the NHL can add to its list on how to attract the casual sports fan, like the Winter Classic does.

PositivesUnique. Fan and media buildup. Intense games. Something to look forward to during a dead hockey month like November or December if done during that time.

Negatives—Could potentially be an injury filled weekend.

How the matchups could be donerough copy (not thought out to the best of my ability).

Canadiens vs Bruins
Senators vs Maple Leafs
Maple Leafs vs Canadiens
Sabres vs Senators
Bruins vs Sabres

Rangers vs Islanders
Devils vs Rangers
Islanders vs Devils

Penguins vs Flyers
Flyers vs Capitals
Capitals vs Penguins

Panthers vs Lightning
Thrashers vs Hurricanes
Lightning vs Thrashers
Hurricanes vs Panthers

Blue Jackets vs Predators
Blues vs Blue Jackets
Blackhawks vs Blues
Red Wings vs Blackhawks

Avalanche vs Red Wings

Stars vs Wild

Coyotes vs Stars

Wild vs Avalanche

Predators vs Coyotes (odd game outshould be canceled to one game each)

Oilers vs Flames
Flames vs Canucks
Canucks vs Oilers

San Jose vs Anaheim
Anaheim vs Los Angeles
Los Angeles vs San Jose


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