Create Your Ultimate WrestleMania Card

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJuly 22, 2009

It is "The Grandaddy of Them All" on "The Biggest Stage of Them All." It is WrestleMania, an event that has given us some of the greatest matches in wrestling history.

When you look back, everyone wants to choose what match was the greatest. Well I am giving you, the B/R Wrestling Community, the opportunity to choose your WrestleMania card.

There have been 250 matches in WrestleMania history in 20 different venues with numerous commentators to go along with the many celebrities.



  1. I will let you choose 10 matches, but here is the catch: You can’t use the same person in two matches. After one person is used, he or she can’t be used again, so you are going to have to pick carefully.
  2. You will get to pick the venue from any of the 20 in the past as the venue for this WrestleMania card.
  3. I will let you choose any five celebrities to be at the Pay Per View.
  4. You will get to choose any three announcers to do the play-by-play for the show, but they have to already have announced WrestleMania matches. Sorry Matt Striker Fans.
  5. Pick your Pay Per View matches in order you want them to play in the WrestleMania card.

After all the voting is done, I will put it all together and show you the results to where WrestleMania will be, what matches there will be, who is calling play-by-play, and what celebrities are there to witness it all.

This is your Ultimate WrestleMania.