Brett Favre: It's OK If You Can't Decide; the NFL Has Bigger Problems

iowa chickCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2009

HATTIESBURG, MS - JULY 11:  Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre arrives for a funeral service for former NFL quarterback Steve McNair on July 11, 2009 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)

The one reason I am grateful for the story about Big Ben and the allegations of sexual assault is that it has taken some of the spotlight off of Brett Favre.

Michael Vick's situation is the same. Today, on a quick ESPN News they spent the first 3/4 talking about Michael Vick, no time on Ben (what's up ESPN?), and then a very short amount of time on Brett deciding if he will play for the  Minnesota Vikings.

What does interest me is that there is no bandwagon vilifying Ben for the reports coming out of Nevada. Lots of insults have been hurled at his accuser, but much protection has been given Ben.

The nice thing is all the insults hurled at Brett Favre for NOT BEING ABLE TO MAKE UP HIS MIND have died down a bit as name-calling is blanketed on the accuser of Big Ben and towards Michael Vick.

Criminal allegations are something fans do debate and have strong opinions. They should pay attention to these.

What's disturbing is that readers have treated Brett Favre to the same name calling that criminals have gotten, or women's accusations against athletes.

I don't know what he will decide on Friday (Or That he WILL decide Friday).

I hope we can all come to realize that choosing to play for a rival team when you have no chance for employment with your old team is not of the same magnitude as being accused of rape, being jailed for dog-fighting and gambling, testing positive for illegal substances, or killing someone when driving drunk.

Can we let Brett Favre off the hook now and see him just as a player wanting to play?

Can we stop calling him names? Can we appreciate the positive he has done in the NFL? Can we be glad he is just confused, not a criminal?

We can if we are ready to think rationally. I know we are passionate about our heroes. but if anyone deserves a break, especially in these tempestuous times, it's Brett Favre.