Fantasy Football Information's Draft Board Cheat Sheet for 2009

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NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses with with San Francisco 49ers #10 draft pick Michael Crabtree at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)



Fantasy Football Info- NFL Teams Draft Board Cheat Sheet 2009

Hi to all Fantasy-Info fans.

Attached is our team draft board is intended as a reference for your fantasy football draft. This board is broken up into two different pages (NFC and AFC) to use with our current player cheat sheet. This is another tool to have on draft day, to help you focus on different NFL Team strengths and depth at key positions. Beyond just a handy draft board at draft day this information is also a very good reference when making your pre-draft decisions.

Having this tool for your mock drafts and projections of the coming year can be a vital helper in ensuring success in any fantasy football season. Listed below are just a couple pointers on the depth charts and key defensive information that we want to point out, to help you understand this board better.

How to use Fantasy Info Draft Board Cheat Sheet:

Part 1: Depth Chart for each teams Skill Position Players

First review each team and based on your preference highlight players on each team
You've consider draft worthy or a good back up to keep track of. In each position we've
Listed the known starter by team.

For Example

RB LaDainian Tomlinson
RB Darren Sproles
RB Jacob Hester

Part 2: Defensive Rankings

The second piece of information that is worth noting is that our defensive rankings are listed as follow.

Def. Value: Ratings 1 - 32 Review and highlight your top 12. Knowing your top twelve on the list is important as most teams have a 12 team league. However this you may play in a league that has even more teams or less teams. In the end it is important to know how many you need to have listed to ensure that you will be covered for the amount of teams in your league.

Defensive Ranking: Data is from 2008 team performance. Here you will be able to find out how the team rated in yards against, how many sacks they had and finally how many turn overs they accumulated.

Defensive Base: These are from 2008, note several teams changed Head or Defensive coach so
track what there base may change to. For example Tampa Bay, likely will change from Cover 2 defense because their have now lost their long time defensive coordinator.

What this Draft Board is Best For

Lets face it we all have an idea of which players will be the top 50 taken in just about every fantasy football draft known to man. But with this draft board cheat sheet you will have access to more then just a list that can help you in the first five rounds of your draft.

Understanding the depth of every team can be us full, but also knowing which teams have strong depth and which do not can help you make informed decisions as well.

To dominate in your fantasy football league you will need to know which diamonds in the ruff are going to be found this year. Sure you will never find them all but if you can find a few in the later rounds it can really make a fantasy football team go.

Some helpful tips for success: In later rounds use this to find those Number 1's, RB / WR / TE still left on the board. Take the number one on our depth chart, most of the time over the No.2 on another team.

For example while you may not think much of the Rams chances this season Donnie Avery is still a good option over a Kevin Walter with the Texans. The Rams may not be a fantasy juggernaut but Avery will still get a lot more looks from Marc Bulger during the season.

It is amazing how many times we will see a No.2 receiver get taken over No.1's that just get forgotten about.

Understanding a Good Defense When you see them

Defensive Rating: On the draft board check out each teams turnovers and sack totals. If a team can apply pressure then the odds of that defense making touchdowns and hold the team down in scoring goes up.

In the end this tool is good for having all the teams depth charts right at your finger tips. Yes some of this depth charts will change in August as pre-season comes along. We will probably put out a late August version of this board for all of you that are drafting at the end of the month or in September.

To close this out I would also like to add again that this board while it is useful at the draft it is even more hand before you get to your draft. It never hurts to have all the info on different teams depth charts in front of you so that you can make more informed decisions on though's hard choices we all personally face between this player and that player.

Good luck in 2009, or Wait Till Next Year for not being totally prepared this season.

Fantasy Football Information Writer Chris Douglas: