5 Toughest Games WIll Be The First 11

Fred RaumerContributor IJuly 26, 2009


In anticipating the upcoming season I am filled with hope and wishes.  As a long suffering Gopher Alum, I am excited about the TCF Stadium and seeing the Brewster recruits coming along and making progress.  Herein lays my concern.  These young men have put their faith, trust, and futures in Coach Brewster. 

Probably the best recruit of his tenure will prove to be Coach Tim Davis for the Offensive Line!  What about the new coordinators for 2009?  Will they be here again in 2010?  The new Offensive Coordinator, Jedd Fisch, is not a proven and battle tested Coordinator.  He will be facing off with veteran Defensive Coordinators from the Big Ten!  The new troops are there do battle, but will the new system be up to the test? 

The same can be said for the defensive side of the line.  What other schools have Co-Coordinators?  Coach Ronnie Lee has earned the respect of his peers and his recruits.  Coach Kevin Cosgrove has had some impressive years up until his Nebraska experience.  Will his 'sabbatical' lead to an improved scheme against the spread offense? 

Who will take the game day lead on Defense?  Will the Offense be able to crack the Big Ten defenses?  Will the 2009 season help with recruiting?  Who is responsible?

COACH BREWSTER is responsible for the hopes and dreams of thousands of people, his recruits and their families, the coaches and their families.