Believe It: Jake Locker Is More Talented than Tim Tebow!

matt christensenContributor IJuly 27, 2009

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 13:  Quarterback Jake Locker #10 of the Washington Huskies during the game against the Oklahoma Sooners on September 13, 2008 at Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. The Sooners defeated the Huskies 55-14.(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

That's right, I'm saying it—Jake Locker of Washington is better than Florida Gator Tim Tebow.  Tebow may put up better stats and touchdowns than Locker, and right now Tebow is the better QB.  This article, however, is not about who is more developed, but who has more potential.

Locker and Tebow are both from the 2006 class.  Locker chose to go to Washington and be a Husky, while Tebow chose to go to powerhouse Florida.  Those choices alone changed the fate of both players.

Tebow is now thought of as the most amazing player in college, has two BCS championship trophies, and is the first sophomore to get the Heisman.  He is an amazing player—but Jake Locker could have been better if he had gone to Florida.

Locker started out his college career as a redshirt freshman.  His freshman year he would set a Pac-10 QB record with 986 rushing yards and would have topped out at over 1,000, but missed a game with a neck injury.  He would finish the 2007 year with 2,062 yards passing, 14 TDs, and 15 INTs, while he rushed for 986 yards with a 5.7 YPC and 13 TDs.

Tebow would finish with 3,286 yards passing, 32 TDs, and six INTs; in rushing, he would have 895 yards with a 4.3 YPC and amazing 23 TDs.

You must think I'm crazy—Tebow's stats are much better than Locker's, and he has many more wins than Locker.

Tebow rushed for 23 TDs in '07 as a QB, while Locker only rushed for 13.  Here is a stat for you: Only one of Tebow's scores was from 20 or more yards, not to mention behind a far better offensive line, while Locker has two TD runs over 20 yards.  Locker also has six runs over 30 or more yards in his career, while Tebow has never had a run over 30 or more yards.

Locker also did not have privilege to throw to one of the fastest players in the NCAA  in Percy Harvin, yet Locker's longest pass is 98 yards to Tebow's 70-yard pass.

Many of you will disagree—maybe all of you will—but that's fine.

Locker is faster and stronger than Tebow, while many of you will disagree and have a right to.  Locker, however, has more potential then Tebow. Tebow, like every other Gator QB, is a system player and runs a spread offensive. The last QB to be drafted in the first round who ran the spread was Alex Smith, and he is now a bust, While Locker is now learning a USC pro-system. A system that was taught to Matt Lienart, and Carson Palmer.  Scouts don't think he will even be a QB in the NFL, but a fullback instead.

Locker, however, was just drafted in the MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim—one more thing to prove who the better athlete really is. 

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